Monday, September 21, 2015

That Time I Went To The Oklahoma State Fair (With Tips!)

The State Fair. It's a place where you can take your family for a fantastic time. There are rides. Animals. Contests.

And food.

Fried food.

These are fried peaches.

Yes, they were good.

We went on Friday and saw Disney On Ice: Frozen. More on that later. We also ate.

Tom said it looked like poop on a plate. Not at all! This is called a Mexican funnel cake. It's like a giant churro. Cinnamon and sugar goodness. I loved it. The booth was called Gringo's and you can actually order a GIANT one for $14. If you finish it, it's free.

We came back on Saturday to go on the rides. When I say we, I mean the kids.

I think Tommy regretted his decision to ride with his sister. She was crazy.

Tommy opted NOT to go on certain rides. He says his stomach feels too weird on some rides. But Natalie wanted to do everything.

Natalie also is the kind of person who waves her arms in the air on fast rides.

After the rides, we ate some more. This, my friends, is FRIED chocolate. I repeat: FRIED CHOCOLATE. It was amazing.

I searched all over the fair for this. Remember how I've mentioned that I can't read maps? Well, I didn't realize the map was saying that the fried chocolate was INSIDE a building. So I walked OUTSIDE the building again and again.

And then I realized. Oh. Inside.

So in case YOU are going to the Oklahoma State Fair and you want some fried chocolate, you can find it inside the Centennial Building. The place is called Coco Flow.

Soon after, we went to the petting zoo. It's free. If you want to buy food, it's $3. (Helpful hint: there are food bits scattered all over the ground. Natalie just picked those up and fed the animals that way. Because at that point, I had spent like $81.50 and I was over handing over my cash.)

Natalie made a friend:

It's Donald Trump! Only with better hair.

To check out more of my photos, I have them on my Instagram.

And now, here are my tips:

1. Buy All Day Armbands for the rides BEFORE the fair. You can do this at Walgreens and they are $10 cheaper than if you buy them at the fair. You can buy them until a day before the fair.

2. Also buy tickets for the fair at Walgreens. You save money this way. I think it's $3 off an adult ticket and $2 off a child.

3. Bring lots of cash. You'll be surprised how fast it goes. The food isn't exactly cheap. There are ATM machines scattered around, but I always get paranoid about crooks stealing my info.

4. Bring in your own drinks. Water bottles are $3 at the fair. Technically I don't think you're supposed to do this, but since we spend so much on food, I don't feel guilty.

5. If you can't read maps, there are InFAIRmation booths scattered all around to ask. I should have done this. I was being stubborn.

6. Arrive when the rides open to avoid long lines. We were there Saturday at 11 when they opened. We didn't have to wait more than 10 minutes in line. By the time we left at 5, the lines were crazy. If you go in the afternoon and evening, consider buying a Gold Pass. This allows you to go to the front of the line. You can purchase them at the fair.

7. Avoid the scary clown trashcans or else they'll eat you:

8. Leave your husband at home if he hates crowds. My husband gets as moody as Vicki from Real Housewives when he's surrounded by people. So we left him at home. My Mom came out and went with us. It's a tradition for us. If Tom came, he'd have been like, "What the F are you looking at NOW? I want to GO HOME!" However, he does want fair food so we're going on military day, which is the 22nd. It's free entry for us so we can get in, get fried food, and leave. Just how Tom likes it.

9. If you go to Porky's stand to try the doughnut burger, understand that they WON'T make it without cheese. Tommy wanted to try one but he hates cheese on his burgers. He says cheese feels weird on his teeth. But when I explained this to the lady after standing TWENTY MINUTES in line, she was like, "No special orders, sorry." I was beyond pissed. There weren't any signs stating this. Had there been signs, I'd have been like, "Oh, my bad." But really, how hard is it to remove the cheese??!

Do you go to State Fairs? What's the best thing that you've eaten there?


  1. It looks like you guys had a great time. I am drooling over the fried goodness!

  2. Oh man Military Husband hates cheese!! He despises it. Good to know!
    I want to go to a real state fair. Ours is ratchet!!

  3. Sounds like quite an event. Thanks for sharing all the info and pics. We didn't go to any state or county fairs this year. They get so crowded and it's been insanely hot out. We did go to the Renaissance Faire and had funnel cake fries. Those were good. We love funnel cakes in general. :)

  4. I can't wait till the fair comes to my town!!! FRIED CHOCOLATE?!!! I didn't even know that was possible!! Looks/sounds soooo good. I really want to try fried oreos....YUMM (they make them at the fair in my town) Fairs are so pricey so these tips are awesome! I'll have to see if the walgreens by my house sells tickets for cheaper :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. It looks like an amazing time! I bet those fried peaches were delicious!

  6. OMG, fried peaches are a thing? I must try them!!! Fairs are always so much fun!!

  7. We have a night you can get in free with canned good donations. Perfect for poor folk like me! I didn't get to the fair this year ... but I still dream of funnel cakes.

  8. Your fair food pictures are literally making my mouth water. I'm bummed we missed both the Oregon and New Mexico state fairs. Such a fail! Next year I'm for sure going to one.

  9. Give me all the fried foods. You pics on IG made me so hungry.

  10. Oh my gosh I will take 2 of everything you ate! Amazing!

  11. Fried peaches look good! I'm not a huge fried foods fan, but when it's right it's right.
    We're going on Wednesday! I can't wait to spend $4,000 on food.

  12. I really want to try fried peaches. Those sound amazing!

  13. I love the fair. And how did I not know about fried chocolate?

  14. I love going to the state fair! I cannot wait for the State Fair of Texas this year, it is always a blast! Gottta love all the crazy things they fry :)

  15. All of your pictures of fried chocolate and peaches and everything else fried is making me really hungry! Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one whose husband hates fun :)

  16. Oh my Oh my I want chocolate....

    We don't have "fairs" here in Aus, we call them The Royal Show, or in NSW, The Easter Show.

  17. The food at the fair is always my favorite part. I feel like the fried peaches and the fried chocolate would have been good together :) Yum!


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