Thursday, September 24, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Letting Your Kids Stand During A Performance

So we went to see Disney On Ice: Frozen. (More about that tomorrow!)

We got to see the amazing skaters.

And these two children's backsides. Constantly.

The mother allowed it. In fact, she TOLD her children to go stand there when they came to sit down.

"Go back up!" she hissed, bringing up her phone for photos.

The people in my row were like:

We kept searching for the usher. Where was the usher. Why wasn't the usher stopping this? I wanted to say something, but it's Oklahoma and people have guns.

The kids kept standing there. It was really super to have them in a lot of my photos. Really super.

Finally, FINALLY, the usher came over and told the kids to sit down. Yay!

But then ten minutes later the mom was like, "Go back up there!"


Look, if all the kids were allowed to do that, no one would be able to see. I could hear other kids go, "But why can't I stand there?" Parents would explain that it wasn't allowed. Natalie wanted to stand up there. I told her it wasn't safe for the skaters.

The usher finally returned and told the kids to sit back down.

So please. Keep your kids seated during performances unless it's allowed.


  1. Agreed! I can't believe she tried to send them back up after they had been told to sit! Rude comments would have been coming from my mouth at that point!

  2. Omg what an asshat this mother is. Especially since her kids were asked once already to please sit. Why does she think anyone else wants to watch her kids watch the show?

    It reminds me of a time I went to see Tori Amos and there were these two drunk girls standing in front of me the entire time. Totally ruined my experience (sorry for the bad frame of reference, but hope you know what I mean here lol).

  3. that's ridiculous. and the commercial is on right now as i type this!!!

  4. I HATE this. When we went to the rodeo last in Georgia there were tons of people standing right up on the fence even though they weren't supposed to and the people actually sitting in the stands couldn't see anything around the standers. Obnoxious and super inconsiderate!

  5. That's as bad as letting your kid cry or talk or kick seats during a movie instead of taking them out. Wow. I would have been SO pissed!!!

  6. That is annoying!
    But side note to mypixieblog's comment up there, I've been that drunk girl. Not one of my prouder moments. But yeah. Done it. When the liquor takes over....

  7. I woulda said something....and I woulda given the mom dirty dirty looks

  8. Why did she keep sending them up there? I just don't get it....

  9. Oh man that is really annoying! I'm super short so I already have a hard time seeing when tall people sit in front of me haha but people standing would be the worst! Jealous you got to see Frozen on ice!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  10. That is annoying!!! And I bet Disney on ice tickets weren't cheap either!

  11. That is so annoying! I bet you paid good money for those tickets and having an "obstructed view" wasn't part of the deal!

  12. I've had to ask grown adults to sit down before at a Taylor Swift concert. They were the only 2 people standing and they were blocking everybody's view:/


  13. Some people are just so selfish, and oblivious to everyone around them. Sheesh.

  14. I often wonder what the crap is wrong with parents.

  15. How rude! I hope it didn't ruin your night!!

  16. Very uncool. Very! The ushers should have been even more on them about it, but I can't believe she kept sending them back up.


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