Friday, October 9, 2015

Inside Natalie's Closet: Halloween Outfits!

Halloween is coming!

Naturally I had to get some Halloween themed outfits for Natalie.

This is from The Children's Place.

The shirt speaks the truth for Natalie. She inherited my love for candy. Especially candy corn. But really, she prefers fruit.

In true Natalie form, she had to give me SOME bit of attitude. (I kept thinking of that line from Sleepless in Seattle when Jonah was being difficult. Sam is all, "He's 8," and his girlfriend answers, "He's good at it." So is Natalie.)

"What if I did the splits RIGHT NOW?"

I replied, "I wish you wouldn't. I don't want your pants to split."

She didn't go all the way. She also was worried her pants would split.

And then she freaked out when she saw Beetlejuice's grave.

"I won't say his name three times. I don't want him to come here. He won't help. He'll only mess things up," Natalie told me seriously.

**Outfit change**

The top and skirt at from The Children's Place. The tights are from Target. The boots are from Gymboree.

**Outfit Change**

Who loves the movie Hocus Pocus? We do! So I had to get this shirt. If you want your own, you can get it from the Etsy store Threeckreations.

She was making a face like Winifred.

She put a spell on me.

She cracked up when I started quacking. I said her spell must've turned me into a duck for a brief moment.

Do you wear Halloween themed clothes? Or do you buy some for your kids?


  1. We got quite a few hand-me-down Halloween shirts. Benjamin is reaping the greatest benefit this year, but they're all excited to wear them. Last year I got them out too late!

  2. I thought the candy corn pants were my favorite thing ever, but the Hocus Pocus shirt is high up there.
    Love the Sam/Jonah reference.
    Also, can I still get away with clothes like this? I mean, I'm in my 30's.. I'm a mom.. but I still have my metabolism and long hair. I'm wondering if I'm yet at the age in which candy corn pants would look kooky on me.. but like crazy cat lady kooky.
    Or.. if it might be "cool."
    (If you have to put cool in quotes, it's probably not cool..)

  3. All so cute! The leggings are my favorite. And the Hocus Pocus tee is awesome!

  4. ADORABLE!! I love those pants but that Hocus Pocus shirt is EVERYTHING!!! Love it! My kiddos and I do wear holiday themed clothing.. no shame. :)

  5. Super cute! My 7 year old has a pair of candy corn pants! She loves them!

  6. I love love love the tights with the stripes!! Love them!!! The outfits are amazing!!! I love everything Halloween!!!!

  7. I do have a few halloween themed shirts that I wear this month - I love the Hocus Pocus shirt! So cute!

  8. She is adorable! I love Halloween clothes. Weirdly enough, I get a ton of Halloween underwear and socks. I know. Totally strange.

  9. those are adorable! And yes... I even make my 13 and 10 year old wear themed halloween shirts ;)

  10. She looks so cute and I love all things Halloween, so yes to the themed clothes.

  11. Those candy corn leggings are amazing!

  12. love the candy corn leggings and the Hocos Pocus shirt. That is one of my favorite movies.

  13. such a cutie! i want those candy cornleggings for MYSELF!

  14. I LOVE these all so much and can't wait until my daughter is a little older so I can dress her in all the fun Halloween stuff! Adorable!


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