Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gift Idea: Snowball Fight In A Bucket From Personal Creations Review #storybookxmas

**I was sent a Snowball Fight In A Bucket in exchange for a review blog post. My opinions are my own.**

When it's icy and cold--too icy and cold for the kids to go outside--I always hope to find fun activities to keep my kids busy. (Read: to keep them from bugging the crap out of me.)

I found something.

This is the Snowball Fight In A Bucket from Personal Creations. I loved the personalization and let's face it, the snowballs are pretty cute. Personal Creations is a fantastic site with all sorts of fabulous gift ideas--and yes, like the name suggests, you can personal items that you purchase. I also loved this:

Not surprisingly, Natalie loved the snowballs:

She was ready to get started.

The teenager even came out of his cave. This is because I said he could throw stuff at his sister and not get in trouble.

Some people might be all, "Ack. But the balls will ruin my stuff!" They won't. They're soft.

Natalie got a little crazed. "I LOVE THESE THINGS! CAN THEY SLEEP WITH ME TONIGHT?" Um. Sure?

Ruby was even a fan. She claimed one as her own.

So let's go over reasons why you need a Snowball Fight In A Bucket:

1. It gets the teenager out of his room.

2. The kids stay busy so you can read.

3. It's family fun. I even put down my book and joined in. Lots of laughs were had.

4. These snowballs don't hurt like real ones can (I once got a real snowball to the face. Ouch.)

5. They're affordable! Currently they are only $19.99 on Personal Creations. <--click own="" p="" purchase="" there="" to="" your="">

If you purchase items from Personal Creations, check out the discount page!

To learn more about Personal Creations, check out their social media accounts:





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If you purchase an item from Personal Creations, use #storybookxmas.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I've been seeing this here and there. Sounds interesting! And yes, the real ones can quite hurt and I don't like that!
    Cheers to your kids for their participation!

  2. This store's website is so cute! Lots of really cute stuff!

  3. My mother-in-law sent us something similar to this a few years ago when we moved to South Carolina, the kids loved it. My dog loved it too... he chewed up a few snowballs. :-/


Thanks for the comment!

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