Monday, December 14, 2015

9 Things My Family Must Do During The Holidays

Christmas is almost here! But before we get into ripping open presents, there are things we must do.

1. We always decorate the Christmas tree as a family. I drag my teenager out of his room and we start!

2. Go to the drive through Christmas lights. We have one nearby that's free. It's not huge, but we still have a fun time.

3. Make Christmas cookies. We always make sugar cookies with buttercream frosting.

4. Watch Christmas movies. Elf. Home Alone. The Santa Clause. Miracle On 34th Street. These movies are all fantastic and I have them on often in December. We'll probably watch Elf on Christmas Eve because it amuses us the most.

5. We see if the cat will keep the reindeer ears on. (Nope. He always pushes them off. Ruby won't even let us get near her with them.)

6. Attempt to keep a gingerbread house up. Most of the time it crashes down. Someone suggested using super glue. Maybe we'll try this. (This house fell over soon after this photo.)

7. Go see Santa Claus! We usually go to Bass Pro Shop since you get a free 4X6 print. We did this last year in EARLY December and the line was insane. I'll write more about that on Thursday.

8. Play in the snow. It usually snows at least once in December.

9. Go Christmas Caroling. I'm kidding. No one in this family can really sing. People would be all:

So what sort of things must YOU do during the holidays?


  1. I have yet to watch any Christmas movies, I think that needs to change haha.

  2. Our family does similar things every single year, except replace "cat" with "dog" and "cookies" with "fudge".

  3. I love that Natalie is holding the gingerbread house with her finger to keep it upright for the picture! We have never done a gingerbread house with the kids, so this weekend we are attempting it...super glue is a great tip!

  4. I used to make gingerbread houses all the time. I got really inventive. One year I made an X Files scene...hahaha

  5. We tried to go to see Santa at Bass Pro and it was insanity... so we waited in a long line at an event on post to see Santa for free. There is never a line at the mall - but they want like $20 for A picture. Nope. Thanks though.

  6. We always must get Papa John's when we decorate the tree. We must make tamales with my sister, just like my dad and grandma did. The gingerbread house is a marvel of physics. Now you know why the mortality rate is so high for gingerbread men.

  7. I am all about the Christmas, for the whole month of December. I love driving around and looking at the lights in the neighborhood.

  8. Elf and Home Alone: check, check. Tree decorated. Never thought to get reindeer antlers for the cat, will have to try that. But we put soup cans around the walls of our gingerbread houses until they have hardened - so far no walls down.

  9. Our Christmas traditions have definitely changed as the boys have gotten older, but they still have to help us decorate the tree. It's a non-negotiable condition to live in my house. And Elf is a must!

  10. My mom will decorate the house but we have no tree :( And we celebrate Christmas Eve (Brazilian thing)... Christmas Day is eating leftovers and going to the movies!

  11. Scarlet is watching Elf right now! She's sick and needed a pick-me-up movie.
    We always do cookies and a drive-through the free place with lights, but sometimes also the place that costs money. And we visit Santa at least once, and do one Christmas train ride.

  12. ive only had 1 white xmas...and that was when i was in europe. it's usually in the 70s back home in south ga. i love your traditions.

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