Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Half Price Chocolate Day!

Are you getting cheap chocolate today?

I might.

Even though I did get chocolate yesterday. Plus flowers.

The kids got this:

Tom got this:

Natalie also got this from a boy in school:

They've "liked" each other since second grade. It's innocent and cute--basically they make faces at each other in the halls and chase each other at recess.

Tom and I went on a date. I'm kidding. No. We ordered this:

And watched this:

Which is why I made this:

Actually, we're going on a date today. The kids still have school. Tom has off. So we're going to lunch.

And possibly getting cheap chocolate.

Did you have a good Valentine's Day?


  1. Aw! I love the gifts. And the present from Natalie's "boy friend"...adorbs!
    I totally feel you on the married thing. Hahaha. I did have an awesome day, but I was low key relaxing in pjs most of it. And not the V Secret kind either. Xxl tshirt and granny panties for the win. I know you feel me on the comfy panties! Lol lol.
    Happy Valentines!!

  2. I would leave the house for half price chocolate if it wasn't raining like crazy here lol well that and I don't want to put on real pants haha.

  3. Do you know, my Walmart had cleaned out all the Valentine's candy on Saturday and were stocking Easter stuff? No half price chocolate there. There were some confused women who got Peeps and Cadbury eggs yesterday.

    1. Crazy! My Walmart usually has quite a bit left over. I do love Cadbury eggs though.

  4. Nice. I always love going to the after holiday sales and getting cheap chocolate...or stuff to stockpile for next year. Sounds like you had a great Valentine's.

  5. I'm alllllll about the cheap chocolate the day after! It's pretty snowy here, but I still may head out later to get some! :)

  6. Enjoy your lunch and chocolate! (I love Cheap Chocolate Day!). - Trish

  7. Valentine's Day kind of stunk, but Half-Price Chocolate Day? One of the best days of the year!! :)

  8. Looks like a great stash of gifts! My husband got me chocolate-covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements, but they don't hold up very well...the next day and they already aren't tasting quite as fresh. I may eat the chocolate off of them!

  9. I'm sad that I missed out on all of the cheap candy! That's one of my favorite things to do after the big candy holidays, go and stock up on cheap candy!

  10. My ma used to decorate little brown paper bags. Would include heart message candies, few chocolates, and an old vintage Valentine she's had since a kid. You decked it up for yours!
    That's so cute your daughter got a balloon from a boy at school!!! I envy your investment in cable for the walking dead...

    - Harlynn

  11. We had to take my mom car shopping on Sunday. Not exactly romantic, but necessary. Looks like you guys had my kind of day!

  12. Happy half price chocolate day!! Baahahhha Love the way you look at life!! Sounds like you had an awesome Valentine's Day!! xx

  13. Happy Still Half Price Chocolate Day! At least at Rite Aid.
    We had a great one. Good breakfast, party in Vermont, snuggling, dinner, chocolate, of course.

  14. Haha! I love your meme and your date. We didn't watch the Walking Dead as our kids were all up late. Wah! I have so many shows to catch up on some day!

    Yes! Long live half price chocolate!

  15. mmmmm chocolate and pizza, yum. Haven't seen the new ep of The Walking Dead yet, kinda bored with the whole zombie apocalypse thing, I think I'd rather just read a synopsis of each episode then I don't have to put up with whiny characters who need a punch in the head. Or their neck ripped out.....

  16. The flowers are beautiful! We don't do much for Valentine's day. I made his favorite dinner and he swept and mopped all the floors. That's what I'm talkin' bout!

  17. I cannot believe I missed half priced chocolate day!! I need to go see what Safeway has for me, I could totally use some chocolate. :)
    We had pizza too! My husband made the pizza and it was awesome. Nothing fancy here.

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