Monday, May 16, 2016

6 Ways To Not Lose Your Cool During A PCS

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.

We recently PCSed from Tinker AFB, Oklahoma to Joint Base San Antonio in Texas. PCSing can be rather stressful—especially when you have kids. Here are tips that can help to not lose your cool.

1. Set aside everything you want to keep before the movers get there. We had everything we did not want packed in our vehicles.  We also marked off the pantry with DO NOT PACK and kept some things in there.

2. Take photos of your expensive items. We took pictures of our TVs with the serial numbers. We made sure to snap photos of our couch—this way in case it got a hole during the move, we could make a claim and prove nothing was wrong with it.

3. If you have kids, pick up new books and entertainment for them. I purchased some items at the dollar spot in Target. My daughter has enjoyed the dry erase board I picked up from there.

4. Protect your pets. When the movers arrived, we had them in cages so they wouldn’t accidentally get trampled on or try to escape. I would hate to lose a pet right before a move.

5. Buy some chocolate. Or wine.  New books. Whatever you need to decompress. Finding a quiet spot with some chocolate and a book helped me. It’s tough with kids, but lean on your spouse and take turns getting some alone time.

6. Consider using CORT Furniture Rental. We’ll be in a hotel for several weeks and should be able to move into our house in about a month. However, even though we close on the house, it doesn’t mean that we’ll get our furniture. It is PCS season and TMO might be backed up. Enter CORT, where you can rent furniture and other essentials with less hassle. CORT has a lot of stylish options for fair prices:

To learn more about CORT, be sure to check out their website.

What are your tips to not stress out during a move?

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  1. Moving is so stressful!! I hate it!

  2. I totally agree with chocolate, and then more.
    And if you can, have a friend or family member come and keep your kids sane for you when you can't.

  3. Yes it's so important to have an area for items you don't want packed, we always used one of our bathrooms as that area.

  4. I hate moving!! Now as an adult, I move to different countries with 3 suitcases so I have to think really hard about what I want to keep! And furniture was not an option!! And yes to lots of wine!!!

  5. My friend is moving and the packers kept trying to go into the room they had blocked off. She caught them walking in several times. Moving is such a pain.


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