Thursday, May 19, 2016

Annoying Things People Do On The Internet

I love the Internet. I love social media. I'm on different accounts daily. I like seeing what people are up to. But sometimes I see things that irritate me. This mostly happens when I get online BEFORE I've had my Diet Coke. Most of the time I'm quite pleased with what I see. But other times?

--Sending those auto messages on Twitter when you follow them. Stop it. I don't like them. Most people don't like them. If I also want to follow you on Facebook, I know what to do. My Twitter mailbox is FILLED with these things that I haven't even bothered to read.

--Acting like your life is perfect. If I see constant love posts between a husband and wife, the cynic in me immediately thinks, "Something is wrong. They're covering something up."

--Sending those "do you want to join my team?" messages on Instagram or other social media accounts after I follow you or like one of your pictures. No. No I do NOT want to join your team. If I did, I know what to do.

--Please stop adding me to online parties. If I want a candle/purse/jewelry/nail crap/leggings, I know what to do.

--Stop inviting me to like your page. I know how to click a like button. For the 23489th time if I want to like your page, I know what to do.

--The blog posts on why you stop reading a blog? Well, I do some of those things, and I don't plan on stopping.

--I detest pop ups when I go to a blog. If I want to join your newsletter, I'll click the newsletter button. Having it pop up when I'm trying to read your post pisses me off and usually I click off the page before I finish the post because I'm perturbed.

--Parents that sell their kids fundraising crap online and then act offended when you decline to get something. First of all, your child is supposed to sell the overpriced crap. Not you. Second of all, I do not want to spend $15 on cookie dough when I can go to the store and get it for $2. I donate directly to the school so I don't have to deal with the fundraising nonsense. Don't give me a sob story on how your kid needs to sell 20 items to get a cheap toy. The cheap toy is going to end up broken and lost within a week. I assure you.

--Urging me to try It Wraps if I like one of your photos about you talking about It Wraps. Look, I'm being polite. If I want to try one, I KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Do you have anything to add to this list?


  1. I told a FB acquaintance that I would only buy Girl Scout cookies from the little girl in my neighborhood because she actually came door to door and did her own sales. She told me that it was kore polite to have parents do it because people don't like being "harassed" at home. I don't know about everybody else but if buying GS cookies is wrong, I don't want to be right-but I'm only buying them from the GS herself.

  2. Haha, I agree about the pop ups and the reminders to like things! They just annoy people!

  3. Ugh, I hate pop ups, and yet, most people have them! Not us!
    I hate automated Twitter messages. I hate It Wraps because I'm like 115 pounds. If I want to wrap myself in seaweed or whatever it is, I know what to do, but when you ask me if I want to lose weight, that's offensive.

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Especially the pop ups! Oh my goodness, that drives me crazy. Sometimes I can't even figure out how to close them, so I just close the whole tab and then they miss out on me reading their post. I actually sell It Works wraps, but have never put it on any of my social media because I am so afraid I'll annoy someone. I'm obviously not the salesman of the year. Ha! I'd rather have a friend than a customer.

  5. YES TO ALL THESE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lmfao! Yes to "why I won't read your blog" posts. I'm like well eff you then rude heifer. Hahaha. And popups on pages should have died in 1997 when Geocities was a thing. Don't even get me started on perfect Instagram families. They make Lifetime movie about those people..."The Perfect Husband"...and it all leads to people assuming the Lifetime position!

    1. "Eff you then rude heifer" bahahhahah! You are Fkn hilarious. :-)

  7. Yes! The FB posts- Happy anniversary baby, love you! Ugh, don't you people see each other at home? Shouldn't that be something you say to their face? I got invited to a book party and a jewelry party to raise money for a friend to leave her husband. Talk about guilt! And my feed is drowning in plexus and Rodan and fields.

  8. I am so so so so so tired of people selling crap and inviting me to their online parties or groups where they sell their crap. Most of the time it's people I don't even talk to anymore I DO NOT WANT TO BUY FROM YOU! I even had a blogger who added me to her FB just because she started selling crap but I had stopped reading her blog because she never commented or messaged back or anything but then she starts selling crap and BAM suddenly she wants to be BFF. NO THANK YOU!

  9. Oh my goodness yes to all of these!!!!!

  10. I agree with every single one of these. And if I had the guts, I'd share this post on my personal page because it's all so true!

  11. The instagram messages are the worst! I'm just trying to be supportive by giving a like. Or maybe I even double tap by accident. If I wanted to join a team or buy a wrap, I'd leave a comment, not just give a heart. So freaking annoying.

  12. So with you on all these...! And those "Why I don't read your blog" posts, ARGH! And then they have the audacity to go do those exact things... Hypocrites!!

  13. PREACH. Yes to all the annoying things!! Exactly no one wants to be annoyed into participation. I am planning to share this on my FB page, which you may follow as your tastes allow.

  14. Scool fundraisers are the worst. I don't want to buy whatever overpriced popcorn or wrapping paper they're selling, and it's MY KID. I certainly know other people don't want to buy their overpriced crap. We live in a school district that rarely does these kinds of fundraisers, but when we were in a school district that did them, I would find out their "goal amount" for each student to sell, find out how much of the sale price usually went to the school (usually 50%), and then write out a check for 50% of the goal sales. Win win.

  15. YES!!!
    I cannot stand the automated Twitter messages actually that and popups are in the running- I cannot stand those. I don't have on on my blog, but I also do not know how to put it on my blog. :D
    I wrote a post letting it all out (Currently),and one of the things I talked about was not comparing highlights, because that's usually what you get online.
    Wraps {insert all the side eyes}. For some reason everyone and there Mama thinks I need to wrap. :(


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