Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why My Husband Will Make A Great MTI

My husband has been in MTI school for seven and a half weeks now. MTI stands for military training instructor. Basically he'll be in charge of the new trainees who go to boot camp to be in the Air Force. He graduates on Friday. I've always said my husband would make a fantastic MTI because he has what is known as "bitch resting face." You don't know what mood he's truly in. Is he happy? Upset? Excited? He'll keep you guessing.

Here's why my husband will make a MTI:

He looks like this when he's actually in a fantastic mood. The trainees will be all, "Oh crap, he looks pissed, I need to make sure I do EXTRA good today."

He knows his weapons. Not that he'll be bringing out a gun in front of the trainees but still, he knows what he's doing.

Even on his birthday when he's having an amazing time, he looks like this. He could be having an amazing day with the trainees, but they'll never know it:

A trainee might be like, "Okay, he has a small smile on his that a small smile? Is it gas? What's happening?"

Really, the main reason my husband will make a fantastic MTI is because he's dedicated. He wants to make the new wave of Airmen good people. He cannot stand lazy people. Unfortunately he's had to work with some. I have no doubt that the trainees will respect my husband. They might think he's mean and wonder why he rarely smiles, but down the line after they've gone to their first base and have started work, they'll look back at my husband fondly.

And say things like, "My instructor? He never smiled.."


  1. HAHA Love this!! He will for sure make a great MTI!!

  2. I'm so happy for you both! He's going to be amazing. Hope he gets those kids motivated to be better people! This country sure could use it.

  3. I definitely think he is going to make a great MTI! :)

  4. This made me smile. With his face, he definitely will make a good MTI.

  5. HA! I don't know what I'd do if that were Cassidy's happy face and me being a photographer. It all works I'm sure, though.
    He'll be a GREAT MTI.

  6. Good luck to him, I am sure he will be brilliant

  7. Love this post! Yes, he'll do well. :)


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