Friday, August 5, 2016

My Husband, The MTI

Last Friday we got to see my husband graduate from MTI school. MTI stands for military training instructor. Basically, he's this:

We had to wake up early and my son was not pleased:

He's been rolling out of bed at like 1130 and we had to wake up at 7. The graduation didn't start until 9, but parking on the base fills quickly, so if you want to A) find a parking spot and B) find a good seat, you have to get there early.

Lucky for us, my mother came. Since she's a retired Colonel, it gives her VIP status so we were able to park in the VIP area and sit in the VIP seats. But we still wanted to arrive early because the VIP seats can get full too.

Oh, and we totally got lost trying to figure out where we were even supposed to go. The way my mom knew was blocked off so Tom had to call and direct us. Mom and I aren't the best with directions so we were like, "What the eff are you saying?"

We eventually found our way. Tom was relieved. He probably thought we'd be late, stuck in some random part of Lackland AFB:

Natalie got offended by my tone of voice at one point. I think I told her to hold still. Something. I mean, we got there an hour early. That's a lot to ask for a nine-year-old whose electronics won't work due to lack of WiFi.

The ceremony started and Tom's voice rang in the air. This is because Tom was selected to give the commands. His voice is going to terrify the trainees. (This is what the people coming into the Air Force are called until they become Airmen.)

During the ceremony, Tom got his MTI hat. They basically march over to important people, get the hat, and salute.

The way they march is so precise. I couldn't do it. And obviously you can't smile. I tend to get the giggles at the WORST moments.

Now my husband is in the TQ stage. This is when he'll work with certified MTIs and learn the ropes. This happens for about 90 days and when everyone feels like he's competent and knows what he's doing, he'll get his own flight.

People have told me that being the spouse of a MTI is tough. They work long hours. Long unpredictable hours at times which means planning stuff will be tough. But I think we'll be okay. I know it'll be frustrating at times. I'll be stuck doing mostly everything at home. I'll be alone at teacher conferences. There might be times where I'm sick but Tom can't get off, so I'll have to manage.

But I've done it before when Tom deployed. I'll figure it out as I figured it out when he was gone.

We'll be okay. We're looking at it like a new adventure.

And we're proud of our MTI:


  1. I'm so proud of Tom (even tho I don't know him lol) and happy for your family! That's just awesome. Natalie is getting prettier every day. Good thing Dad can open a can of whoop ass on her potential suitors lol. So happy for you Amber!! And I know, you got this! We've got to get down to San Antonio one of these days so we can meet up!
    PS love that Full Metal Jacket gif!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, come to San Antonio :) It would be tons of fun!

  2. So awesome for him!!!! :) I love military ceremonies.

  3. Don't comment much, but I needed to tell you that you always amaze me, Amber. You are such a strong woman, and like MilitaryPugWife, I have no doubt that you'll be just fine. Congratulations to your husband and your family. You must be so proud!

  4. MTI!!! Congratulations toy our husband and continued blessings to your entire family.

  5. haha, ass eyes!!
    Pictures of your mom always make me smile.
    Congrats to very much! All of you. I can't sit through ceremonies without giggling or feeling anxious!

  6. Congratulations. I love ceremonies, something I've not had too much involvement with. I got a Queens Jubilee medal a few years ago (everyone in the military, police and prison service got one) any it was just collected from Admin - very dull.

  7. Congratulations to Tom and y'all!! He looks pretty official.

  8. Congrats to your husband and best of luck with his new accomplishment!

  9. Way to go, Tom! And I know it might be tough, but it has to be easier than if he's deployed, right?

  10. Congratulations to your husband! My dad was in the Navy, and I remember vividly him being gone so much, and how excited we'd be when he would finally come home. (way back many years) My hat is off to all of you!

  11. What an exciting opportunity for your husband! I have heard drill instructor (what the Marines call it) is a tough gig on the spouse. Your can-do attitude should help you manage :) And living near family. On those long days, hold on to the reality that it's only temporary ;) Thanks for the photo tour. I found it really interesting.

  12. This is so awesome! What an accomplishment! :)

  13. Hurrah! Amazing accomplishment and even though he may work long hours, you got this, girl!! And haha, I wouldn't have been thrilled at having to wake up early either...!

  14. What an incredible accomplishment and an amazing example of dedication. I am so happy for your family and only hope for safety and blessings.

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