Thursday, September 8, 2016

5 Reasons Why My Son Hates PE

My son is in high school. One of the requirements to graduate high school is to take PE for a year. He was not thrilled, because he hates sports. With a passion. He's never been one to throw a baseball around or cheer for football teams. He'd rather learn about the weather or how food is digested. He has autism, so he's always had low muscle tone and his gross and fine motor skills aren't the best. So he's reluctantly taking PE this year, so he can get it over with.

Here are reasons why he's not fond of PE:

1. He hates that he has to change. There are uniforms that must be put on. Tommy was mortified when he heard that everyone would be changing in the same room. "At least you won't go through what Carrie went through," I told Tommy, and he was like, "Say what?"

2. He's struggling with the lockers. I guess they can be tricky, so he wasn't able to figure it out. The PE teacher said Tommy could bring a lock with a key and use that. I did and the lock is too big. So I have to find a smaller one.

3. He thinks the PE teacher is trying to kill him. Not really. He's dramatic like his mommy when it comes to working out. His PE teacher asks for 10 sit ups and push ups for a warm up. Tommy's all, "I'm done after 5." Me too, son. Me too.

4. The sports they have to play bore him. He's doing tennis now. "I suck," Tommy explained matter-of-factly. This is how I picture Tommy and sports because he inherited my clumsy genes.

5. When I told him he'd probably have to run a mile, he was not pleased. "But I'm going to get tired!" I told him to just run and get it over with. My best time for the mile in high school was 645.

Tommy actually made a video about this that goes over basically everything that I've written. He has a  YouTube channel where he mostly plays video games, but sometimes he makes videos about life with autism:

Did you like PE in high school? I remember getting yelled at a lot for talking instead of playing whatever sport we were supposed to be playing.


  1. My son is repeating grade 12 because he refused to do PE. They did only have to take it 1 year but now need to take it every year. *sigh*.

  2. God no I hated PE! I totally feel him on this. It's the WORST.

  3. I hated gym class (as we call it here in the Midwest :-) ) when I was in school. I especially hated what we called war ball, which is actually just dodge ball. It was awful. My older daughter (13) doesn't mind gym, she's way more athletic than I ever was. But my younger daughter (9) hates it too, for many of the same reasons your son hates it.

  4. Hang in there, Tommy. There are ways to survive anything if I remember from my own 9th grade gym class. We had to *SHOWER* after class. It was required. Everyone left their undergarments on, including our bras, and we pulled the straps off our shoulders. Then we wrapped a towel around our undergarment-clad bodies, splashed water on our shoulders in the shower, and got checked off by the gym teacher as having done the required shower. It was all a shower scam from both girls and the teacher, who I think politely looked the other way! But GAH.

  5. Oh man - his voice! He's getting so grown up! He's well spoken. I felt the exact same way in grade 9. I HATED it. Changing was the worst! Especially because I didn't go through puberty until like... my 20's. Oh, the horrors!
    Hang in there, kid! It will pass!!!

  6. I hated PE at school. I was always the last to be picked for teams, mainly because I was rubbish at sport. I found PE when I was at school to be elitist and no effort was ever made to find some activity that would interest me.

  7. I was the complete opposite... I always had one PE class - every single semester of high school! I took tough classes otherwise and needed that time to just let loose a bit, haha. I have always loved sports, though.

  8. I didn't have to take PE because I did swimming throughout high school, but I totally get it. They had some neat PE lessons at my school though, like they had a whole segment on kayaks (in our pool), so I really think that schools just need to get with the times and offer some different and interesting PE classes.

  9. I am done doing sit ups at like 3, so 5 is winning! PE is definitely something I do not miss from my school days!

  10. I lucked out and got to skip PE because I already did a sport. Still, I get those reasons for not wanting to do PE.

  11. We didn't have PE per se, we had to choose a sport to whether it was JV or V level or Club, so... But in middle school, yes and I didn't mind it!! Unless we were doing volleyball which was like all the time. HA


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