Sunday, March 12, 2017

6 Things That Happen When I Travel

I'm on my way to Disney World and Universal Orlando! I won't be online as much, so if you ask a question, I'm not ignoring you. I'm just busy stuffing my face and hanging out with Mickey. You can follow along with adventures on Instagram!

I'm getting on an airplane, and I'm discovering certain things seem to happen whenever I do.

1. I always go over the weight limit. I cross my fingers whenever I lift my suitcase onto the scale when I check into my flight. Most of the time it's a tad over, so I awkwardly have to move stuff from one suitcase to the next.

2. I hope someone will do this Bridesmaids scene:

3. 90% of the time I'm on an airplane, I'm sitting behind the asshole that wants to lean their seat all the way back so they are practically resting in my lap. So I make sure to move around like a spastic dog so I'm constantly bumping against my seat. Sorry, but I paid a lot of money for the flight too, and I won't sit there cramped for hours.

4. I tend to spot the gross airline passengers. I saw one clipping their fingernails. I mean ??? Another was flossing.

5. My kids argue on who gets to sit next to the window. They're older now so I can say that one sits next to the window on the way there and the other gets it on the way back. But when they were little, it was a pain.

6. I panic if there's a jolt on the airplane. Yeah, it's probably turbulence, but I'm always like, "Is this it? Are we going down?" I try to hold it together if my kids are with me. Although I think my daughter is more mature than I am, because last time I started to worry she was all, "Relax. It's normal."

I plan on having an amazing time. I'll return on March 19th.

So, until then....


  1. I feel like those things always happen to me too haha! Have an amazing trip!

  2. Omg yes to the gross stuff! Airplanes have become the public bus of the sky! Have fun!!!

  3. Unfortunately, you do have to deal with people leaning their seat back... They paid for the flight too and have the right, as do you... So annoying as it is, gurl, you gotta suck it up.. ;) Have a great time!!

  4. Haha your writings are always enjoyable to read. Enjoy your vacation!

  5. Airplane seats are very small. And sitting in an airplane with strangers for hours is no fun. I sleep, write, or both, and think about where I'm headed to get through. Oh, and I ask for an extra cookie. Sometimes, I get it.

  6. HAVE FUN! Turbulence drives me insane. I just can't...

  7. Enjoy your holiday. Haven't been on a plane in over 25 years so I can't remember the experience that well.

  8. Your post reminds me of my first trip to Hong Kong. My boyfriend told me to buy another suitcase which I am truly puzzled why, were in fact I just need one. He said "where you shop round HK, you need a better bag for your purchases." I guess he assumed that I will have a grand haul when in Hong Kong. LOL.


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