Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Unboxing The November BoxyCharm Box

If you want to receive a box full of beauty products each month, you need to check out BoxyCharm! This would make a fantastic holiday gift. We always look forward to receiving it. It's like getting a bunch of new holiday gifts at once. 

Here's what we got in November (Curious on what we got in October? Click here!) 

Since our skin has been dry, we were hoping for something to help with that, and we weren't disappointed. 

We got this Moisture Replenishing Serum from Farsali. It's worth $24 and leaves our skin feeling soft. 

Our lips have also been quite chapped, so the Essential Lip Enhancer from Jouer helps with that. It's worth $17.

Our faces will get extra help from the Pumpkin Turmeric 2-in-1 Radiance Polishing Mask from Yensa. We haven't tried this yet, but it smells incredible. Maybe this weekend we'll test it out! It's $45. 

These Moda Metallics eye sculptors will come in handy to define our eyes. Plus they're pretty! They're worth $15.

Finally, this Peak Palette from Natasha Denona is perfect for the fall. We are loving these colors. It's worth $48. 

You can order your own BoxyCharm box here. There are different options. We're on the regular monthly BoxyCharm box which is $25 a month and as you see, the items we got are worth so much more than that.

What is awesome is that you fill out a form before you get your first box on what you'd mostly like in it. For example, Natalie wanted mostly makeup, so I made sure to write that down. You also can pick what colors you prefer.

If you want your own box click here or use the code Amber-AREMLXCK at checkout! We'll get charms if you do this so we can shop at the store on the BoxyCharm site with them. You can cancel whenever you want.

What was your favorite item in the box this month? I say the palette because of the colors, Natalie picks the Essential Lip Enhancer because it has been helping with her chapped lips. 



  1. Such a fun box for teens. This would make a great gift

  2. Every time you post these boxes, I say I am going to get it for my oldest. So many great things!

  3. Super love the Boxycharm box, wow!!! Seems like a great gift idea...

  4. I always envy you a lot when your daughter presents all these wonderful products from the boxes she receives. I'd love to get them all! :)

  5. very cute box! I like the eye shadow the most, the colors are wonderful!

  6. This box has so many fantastic products. The eye shadow palette is beautiful.

  7. The whole box is lovely but I liked the Essential Lip Enhancer the best as my lips are getting very dry due to winter

  8. Fun box with such appropriate seasonal products. I'd also love the lip enhancer and facial serum. Nice box and perfect gift idea for my niece.

  9. I absolutely love this BoxyCharm box. So many goodies that really helpful! Love it

  10. I like that you get both skin care and make up products. It's great that you can choose what you want to receive more in the settings, when you make an account with them.

  11. Wow, so many great stuff you received in that box. I like that it’s like getting a monthly surprise.

  12. I quit my Boxycharm box but seeing this makes me want to subscribe again.


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