Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Unboxing The July Kawaii Box From Japan

It's happening! Another box full of kawaii stuff from Japan has arrived. Natalie is always thrilled to get the Kawaii Box. Seriously, if you have a teen in your life and have no clue what to get them for their birthday, pick up the Kawaii Box

It truly is packed with random items from Japan for a fair price.

Here's what we got this month:

This is an edible item. It's a Puku Puku Taiyaki Cream Soda Wafer. Natalie is excited to try this since she loves cream soda. Apparently this is sold as a summer street food.

We totally thought these ice cream cones were erasers but nope, they are highlighters!

Check out these Purikura Sticker Flakes. We were amused that they were called Sticker Flakes. Sounds like a fancy food or something. 

This Tropical Rouge Seashell Precure Charm is so pretty. You can put it on a backpack or purse. Tommy wants this because of the pretty ladies on it. 

This was such a cute Decora Kei Japanese Drink Hair Clip. Apparently it's a famous Japanese fashion style:

We weren't sure what this was at first, but it's an earphones case which is perfect, because Natalie is always losing hers. You can clip it to your bag!

This is a rainbow cloud pen. I imagine Natalie will bring it to high school. Ack. High School!

Natalie's favorite item in the box was this Cinnamoroil Beach Plushie. He's very soft!

You can buy you own box here. This would be a perfect gift for that person in your life that has everything or you are stumped on what to buy them. There are different subscription options--the 6 month one is the most popular at $29.90 a box. If you pay ahead for 12 months, the boxes are only $24.90 each. You can go here to figure out what subscription will work for you. 

What was your favorite thing in the box this month? 


  1. I like the highlighters that look like erasers!

  2. We got this same box, because we bought Scarlet a subscription for her 12th birthday. I think my favorite was the plushie.. and now I need to ask her!

  3. Whata fun box of goodies. I love those ice cream cones the best.

  4. What fun goodies. Love the highlighters.

  5. Such a cute box! I tried a candy subscription once and they had to many good options!

  6. The highlighters and the earphones case are so cute. I love all of the items that you got, but those two ones I mentioned are my favorites.

  7. I love the earphone case too. It's so cute. Great items.

  8. Everything in the box are so cute, especially the cloud pen, hehe

  9. This box selection is so cute. Loving the sound of that wafer. The ice creams are great too. My girls would love these.

  10. This is such a cute little box - I always love that these boxes mix cute with usable, so it's not just things you will think ohh cute then shove in a draw.

  11. That Cinnamoroil Beach Plushie is too cute! Love it too! :)

  12. We used to subscribe to this box, and they always had the cutest stuff! Love what you got for your July box.

  13. such a cute box, I need to get one subscription for my niece, she would love all the products

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