Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Finally Going To In Person College Classes


See that kid walking? 

Actually, he's not technically a kid anymore. He's 19. Legally an adult. But he'll always be my kid.


That's my son. 

And he went to his college campus for the first time. He started community college last fall, but all the classes were virtual. They were virtual until now. And actually, only one of his classes is in person. The rest remain virtual. 

Still, he was excited. He had been wanting to experience college life. The virtual classes are okay, but not the same. And sometimes it could be difficult to learn via Zoom. 

I worried for him only because in order to get on campus you had to go through a COVID test (available on campus) and a screening. Tommy has autism and can get overwhelmed easily. I kept asking him if he wanted me to park and walk with him but he said he'd be okay. I had to trust him. 

"If you do get overwhelmed, take deep breaths," I reminded him. "Call me if you need to." 

He nodded and then he got out of the car. 

"Have a good class," I called out. 

The class that he does have on campus is Advanced Video. I watched as he walked away. I remembered him as a little boy. I worried for him when it was discovered that he had autism. But he has always done amazing. It might not always be the same way a neurotypical person might accomplish something but he always takes his own path. 

So as I drove away, even thought my heart squeezed a bit, I knew he'd be fine. I have to let him go into the real world. I have to let him struggle a bit. Maybe he would get overwhelmed but he'd have to learn to figure it out on his own. I won't always be here to protect him. 

I did send a text because I can't help myself. And look:

I smiled. I knew it. He figured it all out. 

I picked him up two hours later and he appeared with a wide grin. 

"I loved being on campus," he told me as he got in the car. 

I do hope for the Spring that all of his classes will be in person. 

I know he'll do incredible things. 


  1. He is a fine looking young man and I wish him luck as we get back to our usual routines. I also have two older kids and they will always be my little babies no matter how old they get.

  2. So glad that they get to experience inperson classes. My daughters favorite part of college was the interaction with all the new people she met! Kelli A

  3. It is awesome that he got to finally go to school in person. My boys are so much happier back at school.

  4. I'm glad to see some things are getting back to normal. I miss normal.

  5. Those blue eyes and that smile get me every time!�� He looks so happy! You should be proud. You should be VERY proud! Go get em' Tommy!

  6. (Dang! Those two question marks after the first sentence above? They're supposed to be the emoji with a big smile and hearts for eyes. Sorry it didn't come out as intended.)

  7. Best of luck to him as we are finally getting back to a bit of normal routines.

  8. That's really exciting, classes via Zoom is quite boring sometimes that's why it's harder to learn.

  9. This is exciting for him! Best of luck!

  10. I'm glad Tommy was able to experience face to face college classes for the first time.

  11. I am so glad he made it through ok! It's a little step, but important step! Have a good school year!

  12. Glad to hear he made it okay and sounds like he likes it already. This is such a huge step. Virtual really is tough, and it's nice for them to actually be in a class.

  13. I'm glad he had a great day of in person learning! You've raised him well!

  14. Awesome! The college experience is definitely a unique experience and virtual college definitely isn't the same. I'm glad he was able to go to school on campus. Have an amazing school year!

  15. oh, that is so exciting! College classes are such an important part of the experience. Have fun!

  16. Our twosome are both on-campus now after an a-typical (understatement) last year...although even with high vaccination rates (thank God!), there are many breakthrough cases. Don't know if all are feeling impervious due to vax status. Wishing all our kiddos safety, health, and a good year at college. (And us as their Mamas, peace.)


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