Sunday, October 10, 2021

Husband Returns From A Deployment A Year Later

Okay, so first of all, I had purchased a dress to wear for the homecoming. I saw it online and thought it looked cute. 

It did not look cute on me.

There were random ruffles that made me look like a baffled butterfly. I should have taken a photo but instead I gaped at myself in the mirror and was like, no, I cannot greet my husband looking like I stepped off the lot of Little House On The Prairie: The Bad Years. I yanked off the dress, sighed, and decided to buy a sweater instead. Honestly, I'm not comfortable in dresses anyway. I'm not the best at sitting like a lady I suppose. I always feel like my underwear is showing. 

Also, I can't do heels. So I stick to flats. 

But with a sweater, I could wear my beloved sneakers. 

I also shaved because I had not been keeping up with that while he was gone. Holy crap the bottom of the shower looked like a bear had been shaven when I was finished.

I was nervous. I'm always nervous when he comes home. We have done a year apart before when he went to Korea. The others have been 6 months. 

The day finally came when he'd be coming home. 

Some military wives do homecomings so easily. They look incredible and calm. Me? I'm awkward. My hair was frizzy and uncooperative and my sweat kept dripping from my armpits onto my stomach because I was wearing a sweater in 90 degree weather. 

My heart thumped and thumped even more when I got the text that he had landed. This was it. 

I was with my Mom. Tommy had a college class and Natalie had a math test she couldn't miss. 

Mom and I waited at the spot where passengers came down. Sweat kept dripping down. I kept thinking I saw Tom come down the escalator, but no, not him, that's an old man in khakis. 



There he was. 

And we hugged and we would have kissed but we both had masks on. 

"Hi," I said, because what exactly do you say after being apart for a year? Again, I'm awkward. 

As we waited for his luggage I didn't know if I should touch him more. I know PDA isn't really allowed while in uniform. My husband is a stickler for rules even if we had been apart for a year. So I rested a hand on his arm, dropped it, put it back, dropped it and pretended sweat hadn't just splattered on my belly button. 

We decided to go to Olive Garden for lunch. I was still nervous and couldn't eat as much as I normally do. 

And then we returned home and I was like, "Here's the house," and felt foolish because, duh, he knew this was the house. The cats rushed over to him. Ruby pretended she was upset but then was like, I'm lying, welcome back. 

Tommy had finished class by then and said hello. 

I had to take Tommy to another class so I didn't get to see Natalie seeing her dad. She said she gave him a big hug. She's given him many hugs since then.

As for Tom and I, well, we're learning to share our space again. This is never a completely easy thing because he had his own house in Turkey and could do what he wanted, when he wanted. (I was jealous, I won't lie. To have your own space sounds incredible.) I adapted to a new schedule in this house. Now we have to mesh everything so it works for the both of us. If anyone ever tells you this part is easy, they are lying. But it is possible when both people are willing to compromise. Things have been going well. I went to go to the dishes and realized they were done. He had washed them. 

He also fixed the broken light cover. Natalie had smashed the last one by doing cartwheels in the living room. 

And he also took care of the yard, which looked pretty scary. I had mowed but left the weeds growing, so he had a lot of edging to do. 

It's nice to have him home again, and I am willing to share the remote, so long as he doesn't make me watch hours of his favorite military programs. 

Oh, and Ruby is very ecstatic to have Tom back and can hardly believe he's home. 


  1. I love reading this. So glad that he is home again.

  2. I love this! What a wonderful homecoming!

  3. I cannot imagine what this must be like. I am sure it will get easier over time. Will he have more deployments?

  4. Your sweater is very pretty, but I'm sorry that it was so hot that day. I imagine this is a period of adjustment for all of you. Ruby looks very happy!

  5. Wow, what a happy family again. I bet he'll love it even if you wear the simplest dress you have in your closet.

  6. Oh wow, that is amazing news. I'm so glad to hear he is back. It must have been very emotional. I hope he doesn't have to leave again for a while.

  7. This is such a heartwarming reunion!

  8. This is so wonderful. What great news this must have been. I'm sure it was a very emotional day for everyone.

  9. how wonderful, its great he's back for you all, i am sure it emotional for you all

  10. Oh wow! That is certainly good news. I’m so glad he is back home. I’m sure it was very emotional and it’s great to have him back!

  11. That is really good news. Glad he is back home. It is nice to be at home.

  12. I am SO happy he's finally home!!!! Enjoy getting to know one another again!!!

  13. I felt the excitement despite the awkwardness. :) Good to know that you're together again. Have fun! -LYNNDEE

  14. Yay😍 I am sure you all are so happy now ❤️ And, look at Ruby's expression, how cute! Loved reading the post 🙂

    Everything Enchanting ❤️


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