Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Liberty Tree Tavern At Magic Kingdom Review

Well heck yes I wanted to dine in a place where you can dine in rooms named after important figures from colonial times. So when we visited Walt Disney World, I made sure to book reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern. 

It's an all you care to enjoy restaurant, which I love, because I have a teenage son who eats and eats and eats. I find the price fair: for everyone 10 and older, it's $39, and ages 3-9 it is $21. Again, it's all you can eat and it includes soft drinks, lemonade, tea or coffee. You pay extra if you want booze or a fancier drink. The meal is basically what you'd consume on Thanksgiving. 

It is set up like a home in the 1700s. 

Guess what room we got?

If you thought George Washington, you are correct. Oh, and look what the waiters wear:

I liked the bonnet. 

Honestly, all the decor was pretty neat. I felt like churning some butter. 

So the food. You start off with delicious rolls:

Salad is also served with a house made dressing. There was nothing particularly special about it. Honestly, it looks like it came from the bag and extra veggies were tossed in, but it was tasty! And I needed some veggies because I eat a lot of junk at Disney World. 

And then the best part is brought over. You get turkey, pork, pot roast, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, herb stuffing, and mac and cheese. Plus cranberry sauce and gravy!

Yes, there is a plant based option too! I believe in that case you will get a plant based meat loaf, the salad, and warm apple cake. 

The best meat according to my family was the pot roast. The turkey was a bit on the dry side, but still flavorful. There was nothing too special about the mac and cheese but the mashed potatoes? Guys, I ate so much of the mashed potatoes. They were creamy. Tons of flavor. I think our waitress brought over like 3 bowls. Because again, it's all you can eat. We also had extra helpings of the pot roast. 

So the top winners according to us were the rolls (they were fluffy!), the pot roast, and the mashed potatoes. 

The dessert was pretty spectacular too. It's the Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake and yes, you can get more of it, but at this point we were full, so one helping was plenty.

Would we return? Heck yes! There are other rooms we need to dine in. For example, there's a Thomas Jefferson room, and we want to pretend we're in the musical Hamilton if we are lucky enough to be seated there. There are 6 rooms: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, and of course George Washington. ("It must be nice to have Washington on your side..")

You can book your reservation for lunch or dinner by going here or calling 4079395277.

Have you ever eaten at Liberty Tree Tavern? 


  1. The food sounds good especially the mash potatoes but that dessert, OMG!!! That looks soooo good!!!!

  2. I'm so glad you are checking out all these places I want to see before I go. Theres just so much!1

  3. I love that this place has a plant based option. The food looks so delicious.

  4. I never been to the Liberty Tree Tavern At Magic Kingdom, thanks for sharing your review, I would love to check it out.

  5. I love that they have a plant-based option too! Thanks for introducing this to us

  6. The foods looks good and I love the tablescape too, so gorgeous!!!

  7. That is such a cool looking tavern. The food looked delicious!

  8. The food looks delicious! That dessert *insert heart eyes emoji*

  9. OMG! All you can eat is always a special treat for my son... And the IG worthy tavern is a ++++

  10. My daughter loves learning about this time period. She would have so much fun eating here.

  11. I absolutely love Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom. This is a fantastic review.

  12. What a fun review, I do not think I have ever eaten there, but it looks great.

  13. I've never eaten there, but I'm definitely curious about checking it out!

  14. This is a must place to visit when there and loving all of the yummy food pictures! I am definitely hitting this spot ;)

  15. Awesome points such a beauty-full post, thanks for sharing this post.

  16. Great post. I usually read great content on your website. Thanks for sharing always.


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