Sunday, November 21, 2021

Unboxing The November Japan Kawaii Box

The holidays are upon us and I can hardly believe it. If you're looking for a gift idea, I suggest the Kawaii Box. It has tons of items from Japan inside. Here's what we got for November:

First up is the animal hand towel. He's so cute!

This Sanrio Character Surprise Pen was cute. We always need pens. 

We always enjoy the stickers! We love Hello Kitty.

The Koupen Chan Collectible Charm is adorable.

This Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure Magical Candy sounds fun. They change flavors as you eat them.

I love this Sanrio Mushroom Garden Notebook. The characters are fabulous.

Natalie needs to wear this Pretty Cure Hair Tie. The color is spectacular. So vibrant!

Finally we got this Moomin Face Towel. I'm amused by the characters on it. 

You can buy you own box here. As I mentioned before, this would be a perfect gift for that person in your life that has everything or you are stumped on what to buy them. There are different subscription options--the 6 month one is the most popular at $29.90 a box. If you pay ahead for 12 months, the boxes are only $24.90 each. You can go here to figure out what subscription will work for you. 

What was your favorite thing in the box this month? We loved the character hand towel because he's adorable. 


  1. So much fun items in this box. This would make a great holiday gift.

  2. Wow! There is a lot of amazing items here in that box! I'm sure my kids would surely love this!

  3. Wow! This items looks really amazing. My sisters will surely love this japan kawaii box.

  4. Japan is known for not just for Anime but so many cute (kawaii) things. OMG, I'd love to have my own box. This month's box is soo kawaii.

  5. Really fun! I am a sucker for anything that has Hello Kitty... so I'm in!

  6. My little ones will really love these!

  7. Aww so fun!! I really love hello kitty and all these cute things

  8. Oh wow, such a lovely selection. I need to get one.

  9. They're all cute! This reminds me of the time when we were at Tokyo Airport. They have a lot of cute stuff for sale! -LYNNDEE

  10. You got such cute items in this month's box! I'll have to check out this Kawaii Box, looks fab ��

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

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  12. That Japan kawaii box looks really nice . Natalie looks happy seeing this Box. My daughter will like it.

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