Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Things I Won't Be Doing On Super Bowl Sunday

Who is watching the Super Bowl this weekend?

I'm not.

We aren't really football people. My husband generally roots for the Cleveland Browns and they do well like 20% of the time (and that's being generous) so I'm not subjected to the boring sport often. This also might be due to the fact that if my husband decides to check out the game that I say ridiculous things like, "What's a line backer do? When they bend over like that before going, "hut, hut, hut", what happens if they fart?"

Here are things I won't be doing on Sunday:


Sundays are the day of rest. If Tom wants something, he's welcome to make it. I'm always in awe of the women who are like, "My husband wanted to throw a Super Bowl party so I need to make a list on what I'm going to make!" My face is all:

This is because its always on the tip of my tongue to go, "Why do you have to cook if your husband wants to throw the party?" Then I remember, oh, right, some people LIKE to cook. So keep quiet, Amber.


It drives me insane when people shout for no reason. So an overpaid padded player drops the ball? Big deal. I was more upset when the show Friends made us wait to find out what would happen after Ross said the name Rachel at his wedding to Emily. That's something to shout about. We had to wait like THREE MONTHS to witness the aftermath of that debacle. You don't shout over a fumble. You shout over cliffhangers and when things like this happen:

Rooting For A Certain Team

I generally pick who I want to win based on the uniform color. I like the Bengals colors more so I guess I'm rooting for them. I had a Dallas Starter Jacket when I was small. Not because I liked the team but because I liked the colors. So people would be like, "How about those cowboys?" and I'd go,

Then I'd realize, "oh RIGHT, I'm wearing a team jacket, sort of."

Go Online And Bash Moves That Players Make

I'm always in awe on how passionate some people get online. This one chick was all, "If you say a bad word about *insert football player here* I am UNFRIENDING you." Over FOOTBALL! I mean I'd totally understand if the person was like "If you try to get me to stop drinking Diet Coke I'll unfriend you" but football? 

Run Through The Streets After The Game

I mean, I'd be tempted to run through the streets because FOOTBALL IS OVER, YAY! No more games interrupting my shows! So maybe I WOULD run through the streets. 


So if you're watching the game, have fun! I have many people in my life who LOVE football and think I'm crazy for disliking the sport. I'll either be reading or watching 90 Day Fiance. I'll still be stuffing my face though. You don't need a football game to enjoy wings and cheese dips. 


  1. My team didn't make it to the Superbowl so I haven't decided if I'll watch or not.

  2. I'm such a football fan and as usual, my team isn't playing in the SB. BUT, Mr. G and I certainly love the game and will be watching. I love the GOOD commercials and I know there is a huge hype for the halftime show, but it's not for me. And I always cook something footballish to eat for the game for the 2 of us.

  3. I can truly say I am not a football fan so I will be relaxing while my husband will be over to our son's home. Shouting, laughing, eating and rooting for whichever team they like.

  4. I'm also not really into football, but I turn the TV up when the half-time show is on!

  5. I will be shopping during the game. Stores will be empty during that time.

  6. Luckily is not a thing here, so it won't influence me XD I mean it airs but like at 2AM sooo I'll be sleeping

  7. We enjoy the game depending on who is playing. I always enjoy making snacks and sweets to go along with it. But I think my favorite are the commercials or at least to see which ones are the funny ones.

  8. My family and I arent really football people either so I ain't cooking!

  9. Some people really go online and become keyboard warriors. They bash the players but that's not very kind.

  10. This is too funny because I can relate! I like the cooking part, but my friends and I use the superbowl as an excuse to get together, not necessarily to watch the football game! I'm with you, I have way more emotions over "FRIENDS" than I do football!

  11. I'm not a football fan but I'm always looking forward for the halftime.

  12. Im not a football person but my boyfriend is and he loves the Superbowl lol he takes the day off ahah

  13. I just go to superbowl parties for the food LOL But I'm more excited for the half time show

  14. I'm definitely not into the Super Bowl, so I can relate to these for sure!

  15. I think you and I have some similarities when it comes to watching football. First I would pick a team based on their colors. Second-when my son would watch it or my husband I would make comments about the players names or plays on the field. My son would think I was being serious and correct me. I think that was the best part. And if I went to a Super Bowl party I was there NOT to watch the SB but to hang out and eat snacks.

  16. I'm a huge football Fans. Growing up in Chicago and then durung college. Although my team is not playing, I will be watching and enjoying my hubby Bar B Que and fixings!

  17. Always love your posts and this is a good one ;) I am such a foodie and look for any reason to go wild cooking on a foodie holiday ;) And I am not usually a big gamer per say…. But did love rooting for the Bengals in this one ;)

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