Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Unboxing The January Kawaii Box

It's Kawaii Box time. Natalie is all about Japan so this box is perfect for her. Each month she gets items shipping FROM Japan. She was very excited over something in the box which I will reveal further down. 

She got some Sumikko Gurashi Pocket Tissue which will come in handy thanks to allergies. Plus it's a cute package.

These cones were a bonus gift and they're delicious!

The Purikura Photo Frame Card will be perfect for a special picture. Apparently you put a photo in the frame and send it to someone special.

These Puyo Puyo Fruit Gummies are delicious! And I always love the packaging in Japan.

The Happy Animal 2022 Display Calendar will help keep track of important dates!

This Aiko Charm is so cute. It came from a Gachapon vending machine which are popular in Japan.

This was what was making Natalie screech. She thought this Umiushi-san Plushie was adorable. It's apparently a sea slug creature? 

You can buy you own box here. As I mentioned before, this would be a perfect gift for that person in your life that has everything or you are stumped on what to buy them. There are different subscription options--the 6 month one is the most popular at $29.90 a box. If you pay ahead for 12 months, the boxes are only $24.90 each. You can go here to figure out what subscription will work for you. 

What was your favorite thing in the box this month? Obviously Natalie was all about the plushie. I enjoyed the cones! 


  1. This is always such a cute box, I love the desk calendar and the little plushie! Adorable!

  2. These boxes are soooo neat!! I always look forward to seeing what comes in them

  3. So many fun items. These are awesome boxes of items

  4. How cute. I love how colorful everything is. Everything in the box looks so darling!

  5. Such a fun-filled box of goodies! I love the 'slug' plushy, oddly I found it so cute. One of my grandsons would really like it.

  6. I agree, the Japanese packaging is so adorable. I like the sea slug. Too cute for words.

  7. Japan is famous for kawaii things. I'd love to have my own box full of adorable stuff

  8. I love this month's box. It's my favorite so far!

  9. Are you going to start working on a new book?

  10. Those things are so cute! That plush sea slug is prettttttty cute!

  11. Love the calendar! My daughter went crazy over it! I need one for her! :)

  12. These are really cute calendar, my daughter will love these. Great January kawaii box.


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