Thursday, October 6, 2022

Trying The Adult (Cactus Plant) Happy Meal At McDonalds

Have you heard of the adult Happy Meals at McDonalds? They did a collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market which is a streetwear company. 

You can get a 10 piece nugget or a Big Mac meal in a large or medium size. 

The best part? There is a toy! You'll get one of the following: Birdie, Cactus Buddy, Hamburglar, or Grimace. 

Now, some people are like, "Um, what's with the eyes?" That's apparently the Cactus Plant style. Is it bizarre? Yes. Do I wish the toys looked more nostalgic? Absolutely. But I'll take what I can get. (McDonalds, please bring back those nugget transformers. I promise, you'll make a killing..)

The adult Happy Meals (technically they are called the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box, but everyone just calls them adult Happy Meals) were released on Monday, October 3rd. I decided to pick some up for dinner on the day they were out. I arrived at McDonalds and went to order. I was told they were sold out of the adult Happy Meals. I was bummed, but I thought, well, I'm here so I might as well get the regular nugget meals. I assumed sold out meant they were out of toys, which was understandable. I knew people would be excited.

Turns out, nope, they had the toys. They were sold out of the BOXES. I watched as the toys I was after were tossed into bag after bag. So I asked a worker why I was told they were sold out when I could see the toys were still available.

"The boxes are sold out, not the toys," I was told.

I offered to pay for the toy since that's what I had wanted.

"We can't just sell the toy. Sorry." And she walked away.

Then the manager came over and I told him what happened. Now, my son and I come in weekly for lunch after his class so this manager sees me often. I explained what happened and he was like, "She shouldn't be telling people we're sold out. Only that we don't have the boxes." He was kind and gave me a toy. I thanked him because really, that's what I was after. The boxes are cool, but I wanted a strange looking toy.

Here's what I got:

This is the Cactus Buddy. I like his shirt even though his face scares me a little bit.

Tommy and I stopped in McDonalds a few days later for lunch and guess what? The boxes were back!

There are apparently 4 different designs. Again, the box is cool, but it was the toy I was excited about. Which one would I get this time?


I am still after Grimace because I love him. Remember, if you order one of these meals and are told sold out, make sure you ask if that just means the boxes are gone. They might still have the toy! The cost varies, but they are around $10 here. They are only available for a limited time until supplies last, so if you want one, hurry in. Oh, and here's what the box looks like:

Have you ordered an adult Happy Meal yet? 


  1. I heard about this the other day and that they were putting vintage repops of the old toys there. That is so cool!!

  2. I haven't had an adult happy meal yet. I would love for them to bring back the Muppet Babies they had at Christmas time. My mom still puts them out every year.

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  4. wow! This is so much fun! I would like to try this adult Happy Meal!

  5. That's pretty funny. And they are pretty cute even with the eyes.

  6. Wow! I haven’t tried this adult Happy Meal! This is really amazing! Can’t wait to try this!

  7. So this is all about the fuzz. I havent tried the adult Happy Meal yet but I would love to now.

  8. I love the Hambburglar! McDonald's has such great collectible toys!

  9. I did hear about the adult happy meals around the start of the month and wasn't sure what to expect when they packed them, that's neat!

  10. I did hear about this on television, I haven't had a chance to try it. but it soulds so good.

  11. unfortunately they’re not in canada :(

  12. Oh!Cute! We're always late around here when it comes to Mcdonald's promos lol. Will wait for this! :)

  13. I've never heard of this! Sounds like a fun lunch to try.

  14. That sounds like a great idea for adult Happy Meals. Now I don't have to order the kid ones!

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