Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Unboxing The Bokksu Box From Japan

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It's always exciting to get a box full of items from Japan. The Bokksu Box is stuffed with various rare snack items, teas, and candies. If you have no idea what to get someone as a gift and they're a fan of Japan, this is it. Each item comes from a specific region of Japan so you know you're getting quality items. 

First off, the box is gorgeous. 

I opened the box and so much was in there. Like literally to to top and no, there wasn't stuffing or plastic popping it up. It truly was FULL of snacks. 

Here's some of what we got! 

We got the Mini Red Bean Crackers which had a pleasant sweet taste. Its flavor is inspired by shiruko, a traditional Japanese dessert.

This Handmade Yuzu Sake Candy was also sweet and hand-crafted by artisans at Daimonji. It has yuzu juice and a refreshing citrus taste. 

I loved these White Strawberry treats. If you enjoy strawberries, you'll enjoy this! They are locally harvested strawberries and they are freeze dried infused with white chocolate. 

Not only are these Mocchan Dano Mochi cute, but they are tasty! 

I wasn't a huge fan of this Matcha Stick Cake but my kids liked it. It uses matcha from Uji, Kyoto and has bittersweet chocolate chips mixed. I thought I would like it more but I have never been a huge fan of matcha. 

These are Shiro Ebi Senbei is a shrimp rice cracker and I wasn't a fan of it only because I do not like seafood. However, my son does like seafood and he liked them.

If you like a snack with a kick, these Ishigakijima Chili Oil Chips are for you! 

I did enjoy this Apple Caramel Sable Cookie. It uses apples from Aomori Japan and is soft and chewy. 

I also got 20th Century Pear Biscuits which had Asian Pears, rich cheese, and decadent white chocolate. Both were delicious!

These Dondon Yakis had a unique flavor--the book states that savory senbei are fried and marinated in tonkatsu sauce for a flavor that is tangy, peppery, and a bit sweet. 

The packaging of this Black Sesame Taiko is adorable! It's basically almonds and sesame seeds mixed with mizuame which is sugar syrup. It was sweet and had a pleasant flavor. 

The Edamame Senbei is a cracker with edamame bits baked in and sprinkled with kinako, which is a roasted soybean powder. I liked it! 

As you see, when I said you get a ton, I meant it. I didn't even take a picture of everything. There was a tea and more desserts. If you're like, wow, I can't eat all of this, perhaps this is a great way to take various items and put them in gift bags as birthday presents. I know I always like getting food items.

If you want your own Bokksu Box filled with 20-24 items from Japan, you can ordered one here for less than $50. If you pay for 12 months, each box is only $39. Every purchase you make supports family run businesses in Japan as it is their items going into the box each month. So you can feel good about your purchase. Plus shipping is free! You'll also receive a booklet explaining what each item is and where it came from.

You can order you box here and save $15 on your first box! If the link doesn't give you the discount, put in AIRINGMYLAUNDRY and it should work. 


  1. The picture is deceiving! You really do get a lot. I would love to open this up since I'm part Japanese. A lot of these products remind me of my childhood!

  2. I love everything about Japan; from the anime all the way to the culture. It’s SO DIFFERENT from what here in the USA. Plus their food and snacks look amazing and have recently discovered bubble tea which I’m obsessed with now! This box looks like so much fun too!

    -Whitney Stewart

  3. Looks amazing! I always love going to World Market and finding snacks and products from all over the globe!

  4. I always find Japan snacks the best! This is really good as a giveaway this holiday season!

  5. These all look so good! I think I need to get this box

  6. My daughter loves everything Japan. I'm sure she would like this.

  7. Wow this looks so fun! Definitely going to check it out !

  8. Really looks like an interesting box. I'm all for trying new foods. Yummy!

  9. There is no great pleasure than trying new foods. The unboxing must be great.

  10. I love boxes of food samples. This one looks so delicious.

  11. Wow! This looks absolutely amazing I bet these snacks taste delicious. I love it!

  12. I bet they are amazing! Looks like such a fun box of goodies!

  13. I forgot about edamame. I used to eat it for a snack all of the time and then just quit buying it. For no good reason. Snack bars sound good.

  14. i can't think of a better way to explore a different culture than through its snacks!! i am definitely going to check it out!!

  15. These sound so amazing thanks for sharing these with us.

  16. That's such a neat goodies box, I keep seeing it advertised on my facebook ads and this only piques my curiosity!

  17. That is a huge box of goodies. I would love to give it a try. We love sampling new foods.


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