Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Antique Stores Have The Coolest Things

Antique Stores are the absolute best, especially if you love history as we do. We have a favorite one located in New Braunfels, Texas called Red Rooster. They always have so much to look at. 

For starters, we found this nifty camera:

The furniture is always unique and if I had room for it, there are some pieces that I'd purchase. This one gave me "men drinking brandy and talking about boring shit" vibes:

This record player was neat for sure:

You seriously never know what you'll find. Want a Big Boy sculpture?

This Marilyn poster has been there for a year now and Natalie loves it. But it's $50 which I think is a crazy price. We keep hoping it'll go down in price, but nope. So for now, she'll just keep taking a photo with it:

I don't even sew, but I appreciated this:

This bear was well loved and I wondered what his story was. I wonder about the story about many things in the store. It's fascinating to me.

Did Natalie end up getting anything? Yup, she found a lipstick holder. I think it might have been from the 70s? She found a similar piece on eBay that stated it was from the 70s. The lipstick is from the 60s and no, she won't be using the lipstick, it's just a prop to go into the holder:

She also found this comic from the 80s for her boyfriend, who loves Spiderman:

We're excited to see what we find the next time we shop. For now, she's loving her lipstick holder.

Do you like going to Antique Stores? 


  1. I like places like that. So interesting!

  2. Oh you hit my fun button on this post. Mr. G and I love stopping by any antique/vintage store we find. We are always coming out with a new find. Being vintage ourselves, we love the membories for these finds.

  3. I love going to antique stores. Sadly we don't have any near by so I usually only get to go when travel.

  4. I LOVE going to antique stores; flea markets, garage sales, thrifts stores, the whole nine yards! In fact my mom actually owns in antique store in the town I live and we each have a booth. So that makes us dealers; but I prefer the term ‘pickers’. American Pickers anyone? Lol! Thanks so much for sharing this story! You just made my day!

    -Whitney Stewart

  5. It looks like a fun little store to visit! We like going to the thrift store near us as they have a lot of antique things.

  6. Sounds like a neat store to explore. I like the items that you discovered.

  7. I’ve always wanted to visit a antique store, I remember my dad used to collect some pld stuff

  8. Wow! I would really love to visit a antique shop like this! It’s like you are seeing History itself

  9. What fun finds! That sewing machine is incredible. I don't sew much either, but what a cool piece!

  10. Antiquing is so fun, it's such an easy way to find unique gifts!

  11. I love antique stores! I have a bunch of antique cameras I was either gifted or bought at while antiquing!

  12. I absolutely love antiquing and looking for cool things in the antique shops... that and also thrift stores!

  13. I love antiques! We have a peddler mall near my house that is just an indoor flea market of all antiques!


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