Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Clueless Galentine's Day Event At Flix Brewhouse

From a young age I taught Natalie what movies were fabulous during the 90s and what movies were not. Did she always understand what was going on in the films I showed her? Probably not. But she was entertained.

As she got older, she began understanding the movies more. She re-watched Clueless at 13 and enjoyed it. Then she started watching it more a year later. And now, at 15, she's basically obsessed with. She loves the fashion, the characters, the jokes...(quick synopsis: a wealthy popular high schooler shows was life is like growing up in Beverly Hills and decides to make over the new girl..)

When I heard our nearby movie theater Flix Brewhouse was doing a Galentine's Event and showing Clueless, I knew we had to go. 

Not only was the movie showing, but adults got a glass of sparkling wine, and there were prizes to win in a raffle. (Sadly, we didn't win.)

When we walked in, they were playing clips from popular romance films. Guess the movie:

If you guessed The Notebook, you're right. It was the WHAT DO YOU WANT? scene.

We also got these nifty Paul Rudd Valentines. 

We were excited to watch! And the cost to go was only like $7 bucks each, so it was well worth it.

Of course we loved the movie. I mean, we had seen it so many times before but there's something special about seeing a fave flick on the big screen. It's why I love Flix Brewhouse: they show many classic movies. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that My Girl is shown in the future. That's another one that I introduced Natalie to when she was smaller and I remember her being like, "Why would you SHOW ME THIS?" But she adored the movie. Minus, you know, the dying. (I won't say WHO in case you haven't seen it..)

Oh and look, I found Natalie in her As If shirt. I think she was about 8? Again, she didn't really know what was going on when I put Clueless on, but she knew she found Cher amusing and cracked up during the As If scene. 

So have you seen Clueless before? (I think it is currently streaming on Paramount + if you want to watch!)


  1. Man I so wish I could've gone to this event! Those Paul Rudd valentines are hilarious.

  2. I have to admit I love this movie! What a cute movie theme.

  3. That is a good price for a movie. What a fun night.

  4. This is such a good movie! So I know you guys had a lot of fun! I would of so enjoyed it as well! Thanks so much for sharing!

    -Whitney Stewart

  5. I love Clueless! It is probably one of my favorite movies. This event looks like so much fun.

  6. It's heartwarming to see how you've introduced Natalie to different movies from a young age and how it's influenced her interests over time.

  7. I love this movie and want to watch it with my girl. Soon. I love that your theater put all that on!

  8. Wow! This sounds like a really great and amazing movie that I need to watch! Can’t wait to check this out

  9. Clueless was such a fun film then and still is now!

  10. I haven't seen this movie yet. I'll have to watch it. Glad that you and your daughter enjoyed the night.

  11. This event looks like a lot of fun! Glad that you both enjoyed it.

  12. Wow, this looks like it was an amazing time! I will have to checkout events near me ASAP.

  13. This is such a cute event. I am so glad that you both had good time together!


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