Thursday, March 2, 2023

He's Legal: Turning 21




My son is 21 today. 

Do I want to cry hysterically?

A little bit. 

I mean, when I was 21 I had a two-year-old. I didn't go out drinking. I was dealing with a toddler. 

My son CAN go drinking. He does not have a two-year-old. WILL he go drinking?

He says he might. But with his parents. Because we're super cool. 

Also because he rarely talks to other people. As most people know, he has autism. He wants to go to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner. He's had many birthday dinners at Texas Roadhouse. 

He's going to order an alcoholic beverage at Texas Roadhouse. 

He was like, "Wait, will I get a hangover?" 

"Not for one drink," I answered.

"Will I get drunk?" he asked.

"Well. I tend to feel tipsy after one drink because I rarely have alcohol," I responded. 

It's true. I'd rather eat than drink. I'd rather spend money on carbs than a cocktail. 


I am still in disbelief. It truly went by so fast. 

I am incredibly lucky. Tommy is such a good kid. He never gave me any trouble. Oh sure I worry, but it's just what parents do. 

I hope he has a wonderful 21st birthday.

And I hope he enjoys his first alcoholic beverage. It truly IS his first because as I mentioned, he's a good kid. There was no sneaking out, no sneaking booze, none of that. 

Check out my Instagram stories for how it goes or tune in next week where I'll share how it went.

Happy 21st birthday! 


  1. Happy Birthday!! I am just like you. I'd rather spend $15 on food than drinks. I think a lot of kids figure out its not what the hype is really all about.

  2. It sure does go by fast. I am glad that he is thinking about the side effects of alcohol.

  3. Happy Birthday Tommy. It feels so crazy to think our kids are old enough to drink once they turn 21. I still find it awkward when my kids drink and they are 25 and 22. I still feel like they are still to young for it. But hopefully, I taught them the importance of not drinking and driving.

  4. Happy birthday! I remember my 21st birthday!

  5. Happy happy Birthday Tommy! Hope he had a wonderful birthday and year ahead.

  6. I’m so glad that he is mature enough to think about the side effects of alcohol. Happy birthday to him!

  7. Happy 21st birthday! I wish him all the best from this world!

  8. I love Tommy's gigantic, genuine smile! He always looks so honestly happy in the snaps you catch of him! Happy birthday Tommy!

  9. Time does fly! Congratulations and Happy Birthday! This milestone needs a grand celebration!

  10. Happy 21st to your boy! What a sweet picture of him when he was little. I love that you said you'd rather spend money on carbs than cocktails. I'm with you on that one!

  11. He's such quite a handsome man with an amazing sense of humor! Happy Birthday, always stay happy! MBTC!

  12. My daughter turns 21 this June and she cannot wait. I am so happy for him and may he enjoy his day!

  13. Time sure does fly, but those years are so much fun. Happy 21st birthday, a time of all brand new and exciting experience to come.

  14. They grow up so fast, I do remember when my older son turned 21, He could not drinks his first drink. Happy birthday to your son, and hope he has a wonderful and blessed day.

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