Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Easter Basket Ideas For Older Kids

My son is 21.

My daughter is 16.

And I'm still making them Easter baskets. I feel like I'll probably do this forever. I always like seeing their faces light up and you know, life can be hard so anything I can do to crack a smile is a win for me. 

As I've mentioned before if putting together a basket isn't your thing, cash and gift cards are always appreciated from the older kids who are perpetually broke. 

First up, here's the basket for my 16-year-old daughter. 

Hello Kitty is a fave character and I found this chocolate egg at Walmart with a surprise character inside:

TeeTurtle has a bunch of adorable reversible plushies. We got this kitty who is happy:

And then he's worries. These are basically my daily moods:

Teens generally like the mystery toys so I picked up this egg at Walmart and there's a furry friend inside:

Bath & Body Works lotion is always a win. Always wait for a sale. I picked up a bunch of lotions for only $5.95, plus I had a 20% off coupon to use on top of that.

The Target Dollar Spot generally has some inexpensive items. I found this frog slap bracelet for only $3:

Bum Bumz is a cute new collection of characters. This flower was only $4.95:

My daughter loves the show Miraculous and I picked up this chocolate egg at Walmart:

Finally, I added this lip mask since our lips are always dry in the winter. Makeup is always a win if your daughter enjoys it! I usually always get makeup coupons in the Target Circle app:

As for older boys--well, MEN I suppose--the tend to be all about food or video games. Which is why I picked up this Luigi mask at Five Below, ha. 

He likes the show Stranger Things so I picked up this pen at BoxLunch:

This is a cute mystery box where there's candy and a special Mario toy that I found at Five Below:

He also enjoys the show Seinfeld so got this from Amazon:

Favorite candy is always appreciated because men eat a ton!

Finally, I found this Strange Things mystery toy. I'm not exactly sure what's all inside, but he likes the show so it'll be fun to open:

I hope everyone has a fabulous Easter if you celebrate! And remember: tons of chocolate will be 50% off on Monday!


  1. These are awesome ideas for older kids! My son is only 2.5 but I have a 10 and 13 year old niece that I like to buy just a tiny gift for and I always struggle! This year I picked them each out a new water tumbler, but I may have to get them a second gift to go with it now!

  2. These are some pretty cool Easter Basket ideas. I know the dollar tree store around us has so many cool budget friendly items. I always make my older kids an Easter Basket and they love it every year.

  3. My teens will be getting junk food in their baskets. That is what they like.

  4. I love all these great ideas. My daughters are older, and I still do Easter baskets for them. They love it when I do them. The Bum Bumz are so cute. One of my daughters wants one of them.

  5. While I don’t give my son an Easter basket, I will pick him up some candy and maybe a toy or two. I need to go get him something still.

  6. Wow! These are all really great and awesome ideas! The whole family would love this!

  7. I love how personalized these baskets are, initials aside the items make it really easy to tell which one is for Natalie or Tommy!

  8. This basket is so creative and fun with its personalized! Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas

  9. How did they grow up so fast?! I have checked in here for maybe a decade? Happy Easter!

  10. It's so lovely that you still make Easter baskets for your kids even though they are getting older. You're right that life can be hard, and little gestures that bring smiles are so valuable. Your Easter baskets look amazing with Hello Kitty characters, chocolate egg with Miraculous item, etc.

  11. Always enjoy candy and then other ideas of things that kids will actually use and aren’t just throwaway junk. Thank you!

  12. Minbe is 22 but I still think he'd love the Luigi mask!

  13. These are amazing! I am obsessed with the TeeTurtle! I need one for myself lol

  14. Great ideas without being all candy! I try to find some useful items for my teens, and these are good gifts to look for.

  15. these are such great basket fillers.. i always win with bath and body works items for my daughter, and i love the target dollar spot as well

  16. Your Easter basket preparations sound like such a thoughtful and delightful tradition! It's heartwarming to hear how you tailor each basket to your loved ones' interests, like including Hello Kitty and Miraculous items for your daughter. And those reversible plushies? They sound like the perfect representation of daily moods!

    I admire your creativity in finding budget-friendly treats and surprises, from the Dollar Spot finds to the mystery toys. It's clear you put a lot of thought into each item, ensuring they'll bring joy to the recipient. Plus, your tip about waiting for sales and using coupons is definitely a savvy move.

    For your son, those Stranger Things and Seinfeld goodies are spot-on choices. It's wonderful to see how you incorporate his favorite shows into his Easter surprises. And who could resist the allure of candy and video game-themed treats? Not to mention, that Luigi mask is sure to bring a smile to his face.

    Wishing you all a fantastic Easter filled with joy, laughter, and lots of chocolate at half price on Monday!


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