Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Returns

Have you seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? It's a show on Amazon Prime about Midge, whose husband leaves her for his secretary. She has always been witty and finds herself making people laugh on the stage at a bar she once watched her husband bomb on trying to be funny. She realizes she has a gift of being a comedian with the help of Susie, who works at the bar and wants more out of life. She says she'll be her manager. Susie is the complete opposite of Midge: short. Foul mouthed. Skint. They make the best pair. 

The show is set in the late 1950s/early 60s. It's fun watching how things were "back in the day." Especially if a woman is going through a divorce. Yikes. The costumes are beautiful. 

We found this dress on Etsy from Fashionaire Vintage. The store has costumes that were screen used. This one was used in season 4. There's a bunch of other screen used items as well.

I see myself and my daughter in Midge and Susie. I'm Susie, obviously. I'm also short. And foul mouthed. And sometimes skint. I dress for comfort. Meanwhile Natalie is fashionable. She loves her accessories. And she's pretty funny. While she's not a comedian, she is in theatre so she's on stage often. Susie tells Midge "tits up" before a show which basically means "break a leg." So now I tell Natalie "tits up," before her play begins. 

Midge can take forever to get ready. So can Natalie. 

Natalie has always loved all things vintage which is another reason why she adores the show. She enjoys thrift stores. And finding records at thrift stores. She has discovered many singers who were popular "back in the day" this way. Many items that pop up on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Natalie is a fan of. "Look at that purse! That car! The furniture! The dish the brisket is in!" 

If you haven't seen the show yet, you should. It's hilarious. And touching. Will Midge get back together with her husband who realized it wasn't worth it going off with his secretary? Or will she turn to popular comic Lenny Bruce, who has his own troubles? It is created by Amy Sherman-Palladino who also created Gilmore Girls, so if you like that show, you'll probably be a fan of this one as well. 

It's actually the final season, season 5, that starts Friday. We're sad it's ending. We can't possibly say goodbye to Abe. Rose. Joel. Moishe. Shirley. So many beloved characters.

But mostly, we'll miss Midge and Susie, the dynamic duo who realized that even though they are complete opposites, that they are a perfect match. 

Thank you for all the laughs. The tears. The cheers. 

Thank you and goodnight. 


  1. I really love the who vintage style and look as well. I will have to check out this show. I've been thinking of getting Amazon Prime so I can start watching some of these shows.

  2. That is a cute dress. I need to watch this show.

  3. The dress is so cute on your daughter. I’ll have to check out the show.

  4. As a wife and mom, I can relate to Midge and Susie's dynamic, and I appreciate the show's vintage aesthetic. I also love how the show touches on important themes like women's empowerment and pursuing your dreams. It's bittersweet that the show is coming to an end, but we'll miss all the beloved characters, especially Midge and Susie.

  5. You made me curious about this show. It sounds a lot of fun. I would like to watch with my daugter!

  6. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel seems like such a good show to get into, its been on my backlog a while now but I should push it forward!

  7. How cute she is and I love that she is embracing the vintage perfume mister. So lovely.

  8. I never heard of the show, but her outfit is so lovely and cute.

  9. I am not that familiar with the show but I’m sure it’s a great one! I love her outfit!

  10. She looks great! I haven't heard of it. Maybe I'll check it out this weekend.

  11. I think something about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is perfect for me to get into. And I absolutely love your daughter's dress


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