Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Basic Movie Etiquette

I've found that after COVID passed that people forgot their manners. I mean, okay, I understand a bit because we went from being alone to going back into group settings. But enough time has gone by and people are still...well, not behaving. Hop onto TikTok and you'll see people screaming at workers or children acting a fool in a movie theater. 

For example, when the Super Mario Bros movie came out, parents brought their kids but would not remove the kids if they started running up and down aisles. There were lots of TikTok videos about that--apparently it's acceptable to let children run around in a movie theater to some parents. 

So here are some basic rules that should be followed if you go to a movie theater.

1. Make sure your kids stay quiet.

No one wants to constantly hear little Johnny talk throughout the film. Some kids don't understand indoor voices, and they'll keep TALKING LIKE THIS. It's not okay. If your kid asks a question every five seconds, that's irritating to the people sitting around you. If your toddler keeps screeching to the point where the people around you cannot hear the film, it's a problem. Whispering now and again is not an issue because yes, kids can get excited. 

2. Make sure little Suzy can stay in her seat.

People can feel it if your kid is running in the aisle behind you. I was once sitting in front of a family and the kid would walk from Mom to Dad throughout the entire film and each time my seat would be bumped. I got Diet Coke up my nose at one point because I went for a drink and the kid slammed into the back of my seat. No apologies were said.

3. Don't put your feet against the seat in front of them.

I mean, it's common sense why, but a lot of people don't have common sense these days. I had to turn around and tell a kid to take their feet off my chair since the Mom wasn't paying any attention. Then she muttered something about strangers disciplining her kids--well, strangers wouldn't have to if you did it on your own, thanks. Adults have been known to do this as well. If no one is in the seat, fine, but if someone is occupying it, no one wants your icky feet above them. 

4. Everyone needs to stay off the phone when the movie is on.

A parent once handed her kid an iPad in the middle of a movie. Someone else complained about the light and she yelped, "What am I supposed to do?" I don't know? Leave? With your kid? Hello? She didn't leave. She told the man to leave if he had a problem with it. Grown adults mess with their phones during movies. If you have to take a call, step out. The light from the screen is distracting. 

So please. Have some manners. These all apply when you're going to see a theatre show as well. Apparently people have been acting up there as well.


  1. Yes to all of these. You need to add no talking during the movie.

  2. I agree to all of these too! It can be so annoying when you can't even watch a movie without others interrupting. I simply wouldn't bring children unless I know they'll sit still and watch the movie.

  3. I haven’t been to the movies in so long. It’s crazy how parents let their kids do whatever. My kids had to sit still or we would have left.

  4. I am agree that manners are very important, in any place and situation. And the parents are the first person and very often, the only ones, that should teach kids how to behave themselves!

  5. I've pretty much stopped going to the movie for this reason. Someone is always telling their neighbor whats coming up next. Blah

  6. Totally 👍🏻 to all of these.. have had feet banging up on my seat so very often that now we always go to the very last row of seats on the rare occasions we do go to the movies (maybe two times a year!)

  7. As someone who loves going to the movies, it's important to be mindful of others and make the experience enjoyable for everyone. I'll definitely keep these pointers in mind next time I'm at the theater.

  8. It's sad that these should go without saying but here we are!

  9. In order to make the movie going experience enjoyable for everyone, thank you so much for sharing

  10. This is worth sharing and I’m hoping that lots of people should understand the importance of this. Thanks for sharing this with us

  11. Your article on basic movie etiquette is fantastic! You covered all the important points, including being on time, avoiding talking during the movie, and not using your phone. It's great to see a reminder of the simple things we can do to make the movie experience enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for sharing this helpful article!


Thanks for the comment!

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