Monday, May 29, 2023

How To SAVE With Temu

I've written about Temu before--it's a spot where you can get a bunch of inexpensive things. Sometimes even cheaper than Amazon, so always check! Plus, it's always free shipping so if you just want one item for under a buck, fine, it ships free! I tried to link up everything I purchased. Some I couldn't find because there are items that will get sold out quickly. 

Check out what I got this time and as I recall, everything was under $10:

This was a gorgeous piece for the porch:

This puts bling in your hair. It works well. We tried it out because we were worried for something only $6 that it might not work correctly but nope, it does what it should! You can get it here.

Need an inexpensive crown? You can find tons for under $5. Get it here!

These are mood changing lipsticks. They go from a red to a pink. I also got the doily for .78 cents. The lipsticks are under $2 and here

This mirror was a little over $4 and came in a variety of colors and shapes. Get it here!

In need of a purse? Temu has a huge selection for under $10. I had typed in vintage purses and a bunch popped up:

Into Nintendo? Temu has you covered. The Star was only $3 and the sunglasses were $4. There are other characters and you can get them here:

Temu is all about accessories:

There's cheap socks which you can get here

Compact mirrors:

And phone holders:

If you haven't downloaded add, click here and do so. You'll get a $100 coupon bundle. If you already have the app but haven't purchased anything and want to save, put inc01675 in the search bar. 

Again, everything is free shipping, so if you just want one thing, you'll get it shipped to you for FREE. 

Have you purchased anything from Temu yet? 


  1. I've been browsing the Temu website, and I like what I see! I also like that they're giving Amazon a bit of healthy competition too 😉

  2. That purse is so cute. I need to go shopping.

  3. To be honest this is the first time I’ve heard abou this. It looks really amazing! I love all of these items!

  4. These are all really amazing and wonderful items! I really love that purse it look so cute!

  5. I had never heard of Temu before! It looks like they sell some cute items! I'll have to check it out!

  6. Temu is really great for discounted items, if you have enough friends interacting it's also very easy to hit the free item deals or credit offers!

  7. I haven't even been to the site yet. I need to check it out I just seem to have the time.

  8. I haven’t ordered anything from them yet. I’ll have to check it out for Christmas time.

  9. Temu has a lot of fun stuff! My daughter ordered a bunch of things - and I added a bunch to her order!

  10. I love those pink and cute items. My niece would these for sure


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