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Meeting Andrew Garfield At The Superhero ComicCon In San Antonio

So okay, we have never been to a ComicCon before but obviously I knew what it was about. The one in San Antonio had a superhero theme and they'd slowly release the names of the celebrities who would be there.

There was some awesome names too! Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke! Together again! (They were in a show called Game of Thrones in case you were like "huh?") I like them, but not enough to pay for a photo or autograph. Other big names were brought up.

And then.

Andrew Garfield.

He was in Tick Tick Boom! 

And okay, it's a SUPERHERO ComicCon so I suppose I need to mention the whole Spider-Man thing.


Tick Tick..Boom! (You can watch on Netflix. It's based on an autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson, who created Rent. Fabulous songs!)

I always appreciate a man who can sing. And I get good vibes from Andrew. Some celebrities you look at and think, ick, but Andrew truly seems like he's a kind human being. Also, he's attractive, I'm not dead. I see it. 

I went back and forth deciding if I would fork out the money to see him. He wasn't exactly cheap. (He was $240 for a photo op for 2 adults and 1 child. I think a little more for an autograph because no, you don't get both. If you want both, it would be nearly $500, and yeah, we have pesky bills to pay.)

ANYHOW. I was paid for a blog job and got $200 so I thought, okay, I'm doing it. 

I told my kids and my son was like, "Who is that again?" and my daughter was like, "WHAT? REALLY? ANDREW GARFIELD!"

She loves him in Tick Tick Boom as well. Plus, her boyfriend is obsessed with all things Spider-Man so he talks about Andrew. Natalie even dressed up as Spider-Man because she got the costume "just for fun" because who doesn't like to walk around the neighborhood as Spider-Man?

Oh, and PS--some of her friends told her to wear the costume to meet Andrew and she was like, "no, everyone else is already going to be doing that. I need to meet Andrew as MYSELF." 

Then it was the day for us to meet Andrew. It's split into groups . We were group 3. We got in line.

We were reminded not to shake hands or hug Andrew. Basically please do not touch him. Some people were offended by this. I was not because I do not like people touching me either. Even people I love sometimes. There are days where I am like do not touch me. So I get it. Respect body autonomy. It's simple. 

But some people were whining, "I paid ALL THIS MONEY for Andrew and I should be able to touch him!" 

Um, no. Again, it's respect. 

Some people were also like, "The other celebrities here let you touch them!" True. Elizabeth Olsen was there and she allowed it, as well as Kit and Emilia and others. But it's what THEY are comfortable with. Some people are touchy feel-y. Other people, like myself, are not. It's fine. 

Natalie was nervous as we waited in line:

Tommy was like, "How long does this take?"

I assured him it went quick when we were let into the back. 

We waited maybe 20 minutes out there. Natalie got more nervous. 

Then we started to move. I got The Office vibes "Oh my God, it's happening! It's happening!"

She was sweet, because she had printed out a photo of her boyfriend. She was going to ask Andrew to hold the picture in the photo. If she could work up the nerve. Would she work up the nerve? She looked pretty nervous. 

"Remember, Andrew is just like us," I told her. "He poops. He gets sick." 

"That's what I keep reminding myself," she answered, because we're weird like that. 

We could not bring our phones out when we were led to the back. The workers were watching. Before I knew it, we were in the room with Andrew. I barely knew what was happening. I handed a worker my stuff and barely noticed Natalie actually CONVERSING with Andrew. She did ask him to hold the picture. 

He went, "What's this?" in his British accent and Natalie explained it was a photo of her boyfriend who loves him.

"Look here!" the photographer shouted and SNAP, the photo was taken and we were ushered out.

But not before Andrew handed the picture BACK to Natalie and told her she was a good girlfriend.

That did it.

As we walked out, Natalie burst into tears.

"HE CALLED ME A GOOD GIRLFRIEND!" she wailed as tears ran down her cheeks.

Honestly, it went so fast your brain doesn't allow much time to process. I don't know of autograph sessions are just as fast but photo ops certainly are. 

"That was quick," Tommy said. 

Yup. In and out in like 30 seconds. But I get it. Andrew is popular. Everyone loves Andrew. You have to be ushered in and out so you're not waiting around forever.

And the photo?

I got another copy so Natalie could keep one in her room. She's probably going to cut it so it's just her and Andrew. She loves him even more now. If her boyfriend ever says she's not a good girlfriend she's going to be like, "Incorrect. Andrew said I am a GOOD GIRLFRIEND." She's even being extra nice and giving him his photo that ANDREW GARFIELD touched. 

Would we pay for another celebrity photo? Maybe. 

Would we pay to see Andrew again?

Natalie, who has $4 to her name, says yes. She says even though it was quick, she loved every second.

Have you ever met a celebrity?


  1. Wow, what an awesome opportunity!! I can totally relate to the excitement -- we had the chance to tour the studio of a one of my favourite TV shows, and then take a photo with one of the primary actors - it was such an amazing experience! So nerve-wracking though, lol!

  2. WOW this is sooooo cool! My daughter also enjoyed COMICCON when it came here in MI. She was sooo nervous she stated because she saw so many of her favorite characters. It was an awesome experience for her, and it sounds like it was an awesome experience for you too!! Loving the pictures.

  3. How cool is this. What a wonderful experience for your kids.

  4. That is so cool! And I love the picture that he is holding so that the boyfriend could be included. So neat.

  5. Such a great perk for the kids to get to meet him. Heck, I'm a grandma and I'd love to meet him!

  6. Ahh I'm so jelly! What a great pic of you guys too!

  7. This sounds like fun. I’ve never been to comic con. I kinda want to go next time they are in town.

  8. Wow, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I've never been to ComicCon, so I appreciate you for sharing your experience. It's great that you get to meet a few famous super hero celebrities too.

  9. Your post captured the excitement and joy of meeting a favorite celebrity.

  10. This is so very cool and what a great thing that you could do the photo app with him! You have a lovely family and what an experience!

  11. Wow! That is so cool, I know it would be a really great and awesome experience to be there!

  12. What an exciting experience meeting Andrew Garfield at the ComicCon! It's great to see your daughter's enthusiasm and the joy it brought her. The way you shared the anticipation, the encounter, and her reaction made the story engaging and relatable. It sounds like a memorable moment for your family.

  13. It sounds like you had a wonderful experience in meeting your favorite celebrity.

  14. That sounds like such a good experience, it definitely makes Andrew stand out in my eyes to know that's how interactions with him can be for fans, it was kind of him to hold the picture for them.

  15. So cool! That is neat that the whole family got to meet Andre Garfield. This looks like an awesome event.

  16. Thank you for the smiles! I literally felt I was there with you, all that anticipation and the resulting joy. and 👍🏻, I get the weirdness you mention for our family is weird like that too.. :-)


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