Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Was Valentine's Day Fun Or A Flop?

Valentine's Day. You never know what will happen on this day. I mean honestly, as you get older, you become more jaded with it. But when you're younger, it's a sweet day filled with chocolate, cards, and lots of pink. 

Still, I am a girl, and I do appreciate pink, so the day isn't a total wash for me. 

In fact, I baked a cake:

No, I didn't. I'm lying. It's from Baskin-Robbins. On Valentine's Day I find I don't feel like doing much. I just want to curl up and watch rom coms, so I tend to pick up food. 

My husband did get me flowers:

I got him a bag full of his favorite candies (Reese's hearts, mostly.) 

When we saw Tommy for lunch I gave him his gift bag

Natalie got some stuff:

She and her boyfriend ate at Golden Chick because I told her restaurants would be packed and plus, the rolls at Golden Chick are delish. 

I picked up a dozen for my husband and I to snack on:

Natalie made her boyfriend a Lightning McQueen bouquet:

Oh, and I picked up a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds. I tried to get one last week and surprise, surprise, their ice cream machine was broken. But this time I got lucky and it was delicious:

It ended up being a nice day filled with carbs and sweets. So I can't complain.

Did you have a good Valentine's Day? 


  1. My Valentines day was a flop. I had allergy shots and those make me very tired.

  2. I ordered wingstop for dinner. I was smart and placed the order at noon for a certain pick up time. It worked out perfectly and it was delicious. Then I went and got us shamrock shakes too. The dogs got their ice cream (plain sundae cup) that I’ve been meaning to get for my Yorkie for his birthday. It was on January 1st. I’m a bad dog mom this year.

  3. It was an ordinary day for us, being married for more than 3 decades. We exchanged "Happy Valentine's Day" greeting, and had a simple dinner of Chicken Adobo and rice.

  4. Valentines day is fun fir me. I really spent my day well.

  5. Oh wow! I am really looking forward every Valentines day. So for me, it is fun.

  6. It sounds like you had a cozy and enjoyable day filled with delicious treats and thoughtful gestures. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to celebrate, and your relaxed approach definitely paid off.

  7. Looks like you had a fun Valentine's Day! We exchanged chocolates and cards and had Wagyu steaks at home.

  8. The bouquets are so cute. You nearly got me with that Baskin Robin's cake, but it IS pretty.

  9. Such a beautiful bouquet. It was just another day for me, I watched movies and enjoy some

  10. that cake is so pretty!! and we had a pretty decent and sweet Valentine's day too.. I made a nice home cooked dinner while my husband surprised me with flowers and cheesecake from trader joes...and got some fav snacks for my daughter too.

  11. Sounds like a fun day! I've never heard of that food place before, but it looks yummy.

  12. That cake does look tasty. I was disappointed in the valentines doughnut that I bought...pretty but no flavour :(

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