Thursday, March 14, 2024

A Footlong Chocolate Chip Cookie? Oreo Cakes? Trying New Foods!

I always love to try new foods when I either spot on in the stores or hear about it from another person. Sometimes they turn out to be amazing. Other times? Well, not so much. 

But they are still fun to try because you never know. Most are found in grocery stores, unless noted. 

For example, I was thrilled to hear that Subway had footlong chocolate chip cookies. At only $5, this was a cheap treat. They warm it up so you get that gooey chocolatey cookie taste. I liked it.

But the Churro? That was $3 I think, and it was a little hard and tasted like lettuce. So I'd skip that one.

I always like to try the new Oreo flavors. I saw this black and white cookie and it was just okay. There was nothing special about it. The black and white cookies are better:

I found buffalo cheetos and if you like buffalo wings, you'll probably like these. They weren't terribly spicy. 

Kit Kat always has new flavors to taste. I was intrigued by the Chocolate Glazed Donut and honesty, it was just meh. The lemon flavor is better!

More Oreos! These Space Dunks had bright colors and Pop Rocks mixed into the cream. I honestly enjoyed these. If you aren't expecting the Pop Rocks though, you'll be surprised. Plus they had fun space shapes on the cookie. Perfect for space fans.

Country Meats has a bunch of different meat stick flavors. From Sweet BBQ to Ghost Fire, you'll be sure to find one you enjoy. These are a perfect way to fundraise as well for your school or sports team. Go here to learn more and request your free sample! I love the Pickle Stick flavor but the spicy ones have a nice kick too:

Oreo has an entire line of baked goods. This includes Oreo frosting. It does remind me of the cream inside the cookie. The cake was nothing special, but still had a nice flavor. The winner is the frosting for sure:

Target had this Spring snack mix from their Favorite Day line. It has white chocolate covered cereal and pretzels and the best part? Lucky Charms like marshmallows. They taste exactly like the ones found in the cereal. I have gotten this several times and will be sad when it's gone:

Finally, yes, yet another Oreo flavor. They are on a roll this year. This Dirt Cake Oreo had a fabulous chocolate flavor. You can see flakes of the gummies in the cookie, so that was fun. Out of all the Oreo flavors I tried, this one is my fave:

Have you tried any of these new snacks yet?


  1. The Oreo cookies are by far one of my most favorite cookies. Give me a glass of milk and a bag of Oreo's and I'm a happy camper.

  2. oh my gosh! Oreo frosting!! I have to go try that

  3. I got a good chuckle at your disappointment over the churro. Paying $3 for something that tastes like lettuce is just tragic. At least you could laugh about it!

  4. I am thoroughly entertained by the idea of a foot-long chocolate chip cookie. It sounds like a delightful and indulgent treat that would bring joy to anyone who loves cookies. The space dunks look pretty great too!

  5. i am looking forward to try those footlong cookies/churros at subway.. and i love the favoriteday bakery stuff at target too

  6. We have the same taste when it comes to food -- quirky and fun haha. I'd definitely try all of these.

    1. You had me at foot long chocolate chip cookie!! I feel like Oreo cookies have really stepped up their different flavors!

  7. Okay I’m willing to try a few of these I know I would enjoy the chocolate chip cookie 🍪 roll, cookies are my favorite!

  8. OMG, these sweet and savoury treats sound great. I love to try new foods. The dirt cake oreos sound different. I think that my kids would love them.

  9. I haven't tried any of these mostly because we don't have them down under, we do have Oreo's which I like and if I was to see new flavours I would give them a try same with Kit Kats that foot long choc chip cookie looks nice, I do like Subway cookies

  10. All my favorites, especially KitKat and Oreos. I like making desserts with Oreos

  11. I actually haven't tried any of these! But I think I have seen them all either at the store or in advertising. Most sound pretty good, but I don't know about the pop rocks in the Oreos.

  12. They are all delicious but one of my favorite is the Oreo cookies where I always use in making a dessert!

  13. I saw the footlong cookies in subway a few weeks ago. They looked good but I passed on it.

    I want to try the space Oreos. I’ll have to go get some before they disappear off the shelves.

  14. The dirt cake Oreos are such a cute idea! How fun and tasty for a treat.


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