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Red Rooster Antiques Latest Finds

Antiques stores are the best. You can find all sorts of wonderful vintage items, which is always neat to see. We like to visit Red Rooster Antiques in New Braunfels. They have a cool set up out front.

All the employees are friendly and if you're looking for anything in particular, let them know and they'll point you in the right direction. Or you can leave your name and number if something you want does come in.

My daughter Natalie is only 17 but loves the vintage furniture. She says her home is going to look like a 90 year old decorated it.

I always like the signs:

I was a bit startled by her. She had a lovely hat on:

It's always neat to see the perfume bottles:

Another set up Natalie would have in her home:

I wasn't sure about this set up. The sign says laugh and I sort of did:

This was a neat clock. I love Audrey:

Sir William Shakespeare would look neat in my living room. I like his bow tie:

And yes, there are ALWAYS Beanie Babies in antiques stores. Did you collect them? I really didn't. I have a few that I find cute, but I purchased them at garage sales:

Check out these toys. One day I hope to find the game Dreamphone. I had it as a kid and I want it back, but it's so expensive on eBay. 

Finally, I loved this stitched sign. Such beautiful colors:

Do you check out antiques stores often?


  1. I love going antique shopping! That's cool that your daughter likes vintage furniture. I like that hat!

  2. I love that Natalie loves vintage items. I also really love the vintage look. I would love to have my home more vintage.

  3. Such a fun store. The gold shirt reminds me of my silver pants that I owned long ago.

  4. That sounds like a great place to check out and totally loving the pink couch and those pretty chairs.

  5. Reading about your visit to Red Rooster Antiques got me excited to check it out with my daughter.

  6. This antique store is incredible and I wish I lived near you to go here! I love hitting the antiugue shops when we go to pennsylvania and found some new ones that we ahve to ventrue too next. So much fun and it is like a treasure hunt!

  7. This is such a cool antique store. I love visiting our antique stores here in MI, you can find so many great items. I LOVEEEEE the Audrey Hepburn Clock

  8. I just love combing through antique shops. Even if I don't find anything that makes me want to make a purchase, it's so neat to walk through what feels like a gigantic time capsule.

  9. I've not been to an antique shop in ages. It sounds like this one has a varied selection of items.

  10. I don't check antique stores often but we did go to one before and there were so many cool things. It was an interesting experience. -LYNNDEE

  11. I love visiting antique store, they have some cool items they have for sale. And they remind me of my child hood.

  12. I went through a beanie baby craze. I still have them but most are missing tags now. My kids ended up playing with them.

  13. I'm always bit startled by mannequins! haha. You get that Audrey Hepburn clock!!


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