Monday, May 6, 2024

Try Dirty Soda At Swig

I had no idea with Dirty Soda even was before Swig. I thought it was, you know, a filthy drink. But no, it turns out it's basically Dr. Pepper with Coconut Cream. And now just Dr. Pepper. Any soda, really. 

Swig has all sorts of beverages with fun names. For example, they have a Princess Peach with is Dr. Pepper + Peach + Coconut Cream. It was delicious.

They have The Ring King that has Dr. Pepper + Cupcake + Strawberry Puree + Vanilla Cream. 

There's Bloody Wild which is Mountain Dew + Mango Puree + Strawberry Puree

Not into soda? They have Frozen Hot Chocolate. There's also refreshers, which is water mixed with various flavors. 

There's treats too! They have a cup of these mini chocolate chip cookies. My son is obsessed with these:

There's also frosted sugar cookies, which I love. 

They also have salted pretzel bites, but I haven't tried them yet. I hear they are tasty. 

You can check out the menu to see everything Swig has to offer. Be sure to download the app to earn rewards when you go. 

Have you been to Swig before?


  1. I don't like coconut. However, the cupcake and mountain dew flavors sound right up my alley.

  2. This sounds like a place that my boys would love. All the soda drinks are right up their alley.

  3. How neat the drinks are, my son will love this place! I also would have enjoyed that sugar cookie! I have a big sweet tooth.

  4. My son has been making dirty soda decades ago .... way before it became a trend. I used to think it was so nasty LOL.... but he just loved mixing it up! I would love to chekc out Swig!

  5. Swig sounds like a fun place with all those creative drink options and treats. Can't wait to try the Princess Peach and those mini chocolate chip cookies

  6. These drinks sound really interesting. If I ever see a Swigs around I'll have to try some of these combos!

  7. I didn't know what swigs was, but after reading your post it sounds like a fun place, I will have to check it out.

  8. I need to check if there is a Swig anywhere near us.. though i don't recall seeing one.. but all these combinations sound very cool

  9. What a neat place! I've never heard of this, and it's too bad there isn't one near me. They have so many interesting combinations of flavors that would be fun to try.

  10. This is a very nice place and I can see that you really enjoy your food because of your nice food review about it. Thanks for sharing!

  11. It looks like you really enjoy the beauty of the place and the delicious food and drinks.

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