Saturday, May 12, 2007

Funny Face

So I didn't get on yesterday.

It was Tom's day off and he was playing a new computer game.

The golf game that came with the Dell computer.

*Rolls eyes*

I asked to get on and he'd tell me, "In a minute..."

Hours would pass.

Then he'd say, "You can have the computer," but by then I'd be nursing Natalie.

Speaking of Natalie I think she's started her PMS early. Seriously. My gosh, one minute she'll be smiling and the next she's wailing. It startles me sometimes because she'll be content on my lap and then: "WAHHHHH!"

You know you're in trouble when she starts this face:

This is her "I'm about to shriek" look.

Showing that she's pissed. "Do you see me? Do you want me to get louder? I will, trust me, I will.."

Why aren't you believing me?


I have a feisty daughter.


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