Friday, July 3, 2015

5 Men I Find More Appealing Than The Magic Mike XXL Guys

Magic Mike XXL is out in theaters. I did see Magic Mike and was probably the only person who was like, "Where's the plot?" (I wrote about my feelings on it here.) If I'm spending $7+ to see a movie, there better the hell be a plot.

And I just....look, male strippers have never excited me. Maybe this makes me a prude. Fine. But there are so many other men who intrigue me even more.

I also find it amusing when strippers gyrate and do their funny stripper moves.

I just want to shout, "Weeeee!" Or "penis" like I have Tourettes or something. Not press dollar bills into their spandex pants.

Here are men I find more appealing than the Magic Mike guys.

1. My husband.

I mean. Duh. Or any guy in the military. If you are risking your life for your country, it's much sexier than doing lap dances.

2. Nerds.

I love them. Love them. Love them. If one speaks science to me, it's a turn on. I've always loved the nerds.

3. John Krasinski.

He's awesome and he's a genuine nice guy. Nice guys don't finish last in my eyes. I never went through that bad boy phase.

4. Tyrion Lannister.

What? He's awesome. And he always pays his debts.

5. Gilbert Blythe.

I'm still bummed that Jonathan Crombie, who played Gilbert, passed away. He did such a great job portraying the character.

I'll probably go see Magic Mike XXL.

But I'll just be the one laughing into my popcorn and snocaps. That's all.


  1. Hahaha omg this movie is going to be terrible and make a ton of money. I'll wait until it comes on Amazon prime.

  2. Hahahaha yes!!! Oh how I love Tyrion!

  3. I have no interest in paying to see this movie unless it's $1 from Redbox and it's good to know I'm not the only one. There are so many men I find more attractive than the guys in Magic Mike and John Krasinski is definitely on that list.

  4. I couldn't stand the first one so I likely won't see this one. I honestly watched the first one because of I liked Matt Bomer from White Collar. His character in Magic Mike character not so much.

  5. I thought I was the only one that found Magic Mike ridiculous. I'm so glad I'm not alone!

  6. Gilbert Blythe!!! I LOVE Anne of Green Gables so much!

  7. Honestly, I never saw the first one, so I probably won't see this one. I do love that Tyrion is on your list though!

  8. I never saw the first one and didn't even realize there was a second one until today when I was buying my movie ticket for Inside Out. This is a great list.
    Surely I've told you that Peter Dinklage's mom was my art teacher, right? And my mom knows her. Peter came from my township but I don't know him, sadly. Just his mom.

  9. i have a soft spot for nerds; always have!

  10. HAHAHA can I please just tell you I just read about 11 super-serious blogs that covered everything from racism to breastfeeding issues to retirement and beyond....and then I got to your blog and it made my whole Saturday ok again.

    I am crazy about military men (obviously) and have an addiction to Sheldon Cooper.

    Thank you for lighting up my weekend with your awesome post!

  11. These are wonderful. Ross Geller was my boy. MY BOY.

  12. So I'm not the only one who thinks male strippers are utterly ridiculous? And I'm far from being a prude!

  13. :O I loved the first Magic Mike - haven't seen this one yet but I can't wait. I agree nerds are rather delicious but i'm not going to lie - the first magic mike was hot hot hot :D

  14. So I'm going to name drop here, but I hung out with Channing Tatum one night back in the days, and OMG that man can dance and I love me a boy who can dance. And he's a really nice guy, not a douche at all. But I totally love Gilbert Blythe. I wanted to marry him when I was a kid... HAHA

  15. Too funny! I haven't seen either of the Magic Mike movies and have no intentions to... just not my thing! I love your list. :)

  16. I haven't seen the first one and really have no plans to

  17. I don't get what people see in Channing Tatum.


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