Thursday, July 2, 2015

Things That Annoy (Natalie) Thursday: No Jurassic World and Minecraft Shirts For Girls?

"Where's the girl Minecraft and Jurassic World shirts? I'm insulted!" Natalie said at WalMart. She browsed the entire clothes area. "But I bet if they had a Jurassic World shirt for girls, the dinosaur would have a freakin' BOW on it. And that just didn't happen!" Natalie muttered to herself.

I giggled.

And then I told her we could get the shirts from the boy area because really, there were no such things as girl and boy clothes.

"There aren't?" Natalie said, wrinkling her nose.

"No. You can wear whatever you want. And if a boy wants to wear a pink shirt, it's not a big deal either," I explained.

"Boys at school wear pink shirts. I always tell them that Pinkie Pie would love it," Natalie answered seriously.

"There are lots of boys who like My Little Pony. They're called Bronies," I said.

"The boys in my class didn't like My Little Ponies. I told them they were missing out," Natalie told me matter-of-factly.

In the boy section we did find Minecraft AND Jurassic World shirts.

Natalie loves them!

She loved the movie Jurassic World, so she's happy to have her own shirt to wear. Dinosaurs have always excited her.

So if your daughter is looking for a Minecraft or Jurassic World shirt? Check out the "boy" section at WalMart!

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  1. That's so odd!
    The women's section at our Walmart has tons of stuff like that. I buy my Marvel stuff in there because it's cheaper.
    I'm surprised the px doesn't have them for girls! That's pretty lame.

  2. very cute! glad she was able to find something that works!

  3. very cute! glad she was able to find something that works!

  4. You know what? She's right. The dinosaur probably would have a damn bow on it. Which is ridiculous.

    I love how independent and strong minded she is. Erica is the same way. I feel we're going to have major problems on our hands in a few years.

  5. Cute! My daughter likes Spider-Man. :) My friend's son wears princess shirts and tutus.
    They should just not separate shirts by gender.

  6. I would be annoyed too, and she has a good point! I've bought several "boys" shirts for myself (I'm petite) at Old Navy!

  7. SO TRUE! I would be annoyed. Also, my daughter is about Natalies age and she wears her brother minecraft T.shirt. UK ebay sell girls minecraft shirt... well, they use to!

  8. I hear ya! Scarlet really wanted a Captain America shirt that wasn't pink, and a Supergirl shirt that wasn't pink. Thank you, boys section of Target. Extra bonus - I got the same for Des.

  9. I often grab stuff out of the boy's section for Shelby. For instance, she wanted a Paw Patrol shirt and the only on in the girl's section was pink and only had the girl dog on it. She wanted the other dogs, so we bought one in the boy's section! Also, I wear men's shirts and hoodies because I think they are more comfortable and sometimes better made (for plus sizes anyway).

  10. SO cute! They look great on her! My oldest loves the super hero stuff.

  11. She sounds like such a strong willed girl - I love it! I always hated that "girl" clothes were just too... girlie!

  12. tshirts like that should be made unisex as there's nothing boyish or girlish about them. Clearly either sex can wear them and they should have probably either been in both sections, or somewhere in between so boys and girls could see them.

  13. I'm glad she found something that works.

    I hate the gender-specific assumptions. My youngest LOVES Paw Patrol and it seems to be a "boy" show?! Ticks me off because the kid loves purple and if there was Paw Patrol on a purple shirt, it would blow her mind!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

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