Friday, July 10, 2015

6 Reasons Why My Daughter's Baseball Days Might Be Over

Natalie played baseball for the first time this year. She was never interested in t-ball so she just went right into baseball. She decided she wanted to play because she dressed up as a character from A League Of Their Own one Halloween.

She said the movie made baseball look like fun.

However, she wasn't the best at the sport and would tell me often that it was "pretty boring." Maybe she'll try it again in a few years. For now she's all, "I don't want to play next year."

Here are reasons why I think Natalie's baseball days might be over.

1. Natalie would look like this whenever the ball would come at her at least 80% of the time.

Then she'd slowly retrieve the ball when it was evident that yes, she was meant to get it. Sometimes the coaches, her teammates, and people watching the game would then shout, "THROW THE BALL, NATALIE!" Because when she'd actually get the ball, she'd hold it like she was cradling a dang baby. She would later tell me, "I have to THINK about who deserves it the most. I can't just throw it to WHOEVER. Duh!"

2. She was more interested in kicking the dirt.

Or playing in it. She was playing in it here when she was supposed to be second base.

3. She also preferred to play with the bugs. She was once watching a ladybug when the ball sailed past her.

4. She drinks so much water while in the dugout waiting to bat that she has to pee about ten minutes later. If she's outfield she'll be the one gripping her crotch and bouncing around like a drugged chihuahua.

5. She'd look like this whenever the ball would come at her.

Oh. I already said that. But she did. Like 90% of the time.

6. She didn't always hit the ball when she was up to bat.

This is because she'd sometimes stand in a strange way. Or she'd be too far away from the plate. The coaches would correct her some of the time, but then she'd sometimes go back to the strange stance. She told me it was "how she felt like standing, duh."

I guess we'll see next year if Natalie wants to play again. If she wants to play, she'll be on a team that ranges in ages from 9-12. I can only imagine how much the 12-year-olds would yell at her if she just calmly let the ball go past her and didn't make a move to get it...


  1. We had a similar experience with our oldest. He was more interested in playing on his own than waiting for the ball. He thought it was pretty boring too and didn't want to play the following summer either. :)

  2. I was terrible at softball. Just awful.
    At least she gave it a whirl! She needs to get into drama. I bet she'd love acting in plays!

  3. Erica's friends play softball and she has no interest in it even though we tried to not to subtly push her into it. She refused. If she did try, though, she'd behave exactly like Natalie except instead of playing in the dirt, she'd be doing front walkovers all over the field. Sigh.

  4. I played softball growing up, I loved it but I'm pretty sure I was terrible. Lol. At least she tried it!

  5. I played when I was ten and I struck out every time I was up at bat, every game.
    Except for the last game - I hit every ball.
    Go figure.

  6. HAHA Love it. My favorite part is that she wanted to play based on a movie. Your kiddo rocks.

  7. Dude I've always admired those chicks that can play sports. I, of course, am not one of them. More power to her for trying and staying true to who she is....even if that means she's a bug-catching, weird-standing little player. I laughed my butt off at the ball reactions, too, because that's exactly what I do anytime I'm attempting to play a group sport.

  8. My oldest son and T-ball was like this. He would stop running in between bases to look for dinosaur bones. Josh seems to be into it though, which is fun.

  9. Hah, she had to decide who deserved the ball most! That's funny!

  10. My grandson had awesome throwing and hitting skills when he was 2 and 3 years old. Now at 8, he and his best friend sign up for baseball and spend their time sitting in the grass. Yes, the coach tells them to stand up and pay attention, but it doesn't seem to interrupt their quiet meditation. So funny!

  11. I'm hesitant to start the girls in sports for this reason. I though soccer might be fun, but I don't want them just standing around being bored.


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