Monday, November 30, 2015

17 Super Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Complete And Utter Slackers Who Didn't Bother To Make Their Elf Posable

Yes, we have an Elf on the Shelf. (Her name is Meredith. She's named after Meredith Grey.)

Yes, she scares me. It's the eyes.

I'm pretty lazy with the elf. I marvel at what other people do: it looks like something out of a magazine ad. They actually go out and buy accessories and take photos with a nice camera. They also took the time to make their elf posable.

I don't do this. Our elf is not posable because I really don't give a crap.

We don't follow proper rules with our elf either. My kids touch our elf. Constantly. Some of their friends are all, "You're not supposed to do that."

My kids say, "Our elf is more special than yours. We're allowed to touch her."

You're supposed to move the elf every day. I do, but I'm lazy about it. Like completely lazy. I've seen other posts on slacker ways to move elves, but sometimes they are more complicated than I'd like.

My ideas are REALLY easy. I promise.


Have your elf fall into some candy.


The elf can slide down the bannister in a shoe!


Your elf can write words in sugar. We love potty humor so I went with fart.


The elf wants to cook so she brings an apron and hat!


Oh no! The elf is stuck under a cup. She shouldn't have tried to take Mommy's Diet Coke.


When you really do not care, cut a hole in some Kleenex and have your elf wear it.


Look! The Elf is playing a card game with other toys.


Ahh! The elf has made friends and she's running into Anna!


Meredith pooped out a Hershey Kiss! While reading about thermometers. I don't know why she was reading about thermometers. 


Meredith wants to make popcorn! Be prepared for your kid to be like, "Does this mean I can have popcorn for breakfast?" Just say yes. 


She can spell stuff out with mini marshmallows! This was actually more of a pain than I thought. It took five long minutes. I'd rather have been reading. But it amused the kids, so okay.


Get a reindeer and have it poop out chocolate chips. 


The elf can make snowmen out of big marshmallows. Use a Sharpie to make the face. Stick a toothpick in for the arms. Done. 


Tape the thing to the wall. I didn't have duct tape so I used packing tape. I placed stuffed animals around her. They had enough of her. Especially Grumpy Cat. She just wanted the damn elf to go away.


For guaranteed laughs, have the elf ride on underwear on the ceiling fan with a Barbie. 


Aw. The elf made hearts out of candy canes.


The elf is hanging out with other animals. Those are video game ornaments they're holding. Use ornaments from the tree as props for the elf. 

I hope this helps make moving around the elf less stressful. Some people love to do it.

But there are people like us who are all, "Give me easy."

And there's nothing wrong with that.


  1. This is all so cute! I love Elf on the Shelf. It's a fun adult party game to see who can leave the Elf in the craziest scene. Haha.

    1. Ha, yes, I would love to be more inappropriate with the thing, but I don't want to scare Natalie. Still, our elf does enjoy potty humor and some parents would be all, "That's HIGHLY inappropriate." Whatever. ;)

  2. These are hilarious ideas! I don't do the elf, but if I did, I'd definitely go easy. Taping to the wall is awesome!

  3. Too funny! There ain't no elf on my shelf, but if there was, I would totally use your ideas!

  4. I bought one a few years ago because I wanted to make it do inappropriate things like drink. I had no idea you could make it posable. I was surprised that it wasn't already when I bought it. I love your ideas. I am definitely a fan of easy.

  5. These are awesome ideas! I keep toying with the idea of doing the Elf (so far I keep deciding "no") because it looks like more work than what it's worth. You make it look easy!

  6. Our Elf doesn't do anything. He just moves to a new spot every night. I just make a list of 24 places to stick him and then cross them off as I go. I'm pretty sure the kids don't believe in him anymore anyway!

  7. My boys would love the Hershey's kisses idea. Funny!

  8. haha, I remember the FART one from last year! And many of them, for that matter. I think you have great ideas. I don't know why people get so stressed. It's like.. have an Elf and realize it doesn't take much to be magical, or just don't get one. Sheesh, people.
    I'd be like you if i had one.

  9. Great ideas. I am a lazy bum with the Elf. It's our first year, and only a few days in, I've forgotten to move it once... and mostly I remember at 5am when I'm nursing the baby, so I drag my tired butt around the house and just sit it somewhere. My daughter is 3 so she just cares that she's moved. The night she DIDN'T move, my daughter was convinced there was no magic, until I told her that she touched the elf the other day and that's why she didn't move...

    Oh, and she named our elf Sparkle. Of course.

  10. Our elf will make his appearance tomorrow morning. We don't get all crazy fancy with our guy, but sometimes he does bring treats. ;)

  11. I love all your ideas. My boys were too old by the time this came out, so I never had to do this. But I enjoy looking at what everyone else is doing with their elf!

  12. I like easy. My girls will love the popcorn! I've almost forgotten to move the elf for the last three nights...

  13. Thanks for ideas...most of the time, I am already in bed and realize CRAP, I forgot to do it...this year, I am prepared. I have written out notes that say why he was not moved in case that happens. Things like I'm sorry, I was waiting for you to fall asleep and ended up falling asleep myself. Also, my kids touch their elf too, they play with it all year round. haha!

  14. HAHAHA I love this tradition a lot! I totally forgot about Elf on the shelf, then it was too late to order from Amazon because by the time it's here we'll be half way through December (the joys of living in the middle of nowhere!) I can't find an Elf in any shops :( Not even an unofficial one. Booo. I do love your ideas though, it looks like so much fun.

  15. Hilarious and creative! Thanks! We don't do it but you're making it look easy, so if we ever do I'll know where to go for ideas!

  16. I have never heard of such thing, I must be living in the dark ages...! But #9 HAHA


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