Monday, November 16, 2015

When Writing About Booster Seats...

So I wrote a post last week called Tell Your Kid To Stop Telling Mine That Her Booster Seat Is For Babies.

I received a lot of public, private, and Facebook comments. Someone wrote, "Watch out! If you write about a carseats you'll get those crazy people who will most likely point out mistakes in the photos you are sharing!"

Yes, this did happen. A lot of people told me that my daughter looked to be too tall for the high back to be attached to the booster seat. Someone else suggested that I raise the head rest. Another person stated that the seat belt placement looked all wrong.

But I didn't mind any of the comments. Truly. There were a few comments I got where the people might want to work on their tone. There's no need to come across as rude. Politely state what needs to be done and I promise, you'll get your point across. I'm happy to say most people were kind with their suggestions.

And I took their advice!

I decided to remove the high back part of the booster seat.

Natalie is pleased too. (She was in her leotard, ready to go to gymnastics.)

So yes. If you do write about a car seat, know that you will probably get comments. But most of the comments are simply to keep your child safe. Not to make you feel guilty.

I appreciate all the people who took the time to help me keep my daughter safe.


  1. She's so cute.
    Sometimes I wonder if my tone comes across rude when I comment on blogs. I hope not because if I'm commenting, it means I like you lol. If I don't, it means Imma hold my tongue so I'm not rude. Hahaha :)

    1. Nah, you've never come out rude to me. I'm pretty blunt too, but there are some people who decide to name call in order to get their point across. That I don't get.

  2. It's the tone that really makes the difference. There are some who have written about car seats and when they got suggestions for how to make their child safer, they responded with F-you, even to people who were being polite.

  3. Dontcha just love the people that have nothing better than to point out every flaw. I really think some people live to argue a different opinion. If they agree they may die.

  4. Ohhhh the tone! Yes it matters. I just got a comment that must have been well intentioned but it felt so dismissive! I think everyone knows what you are talking about!

  5. Glad you got some good advice. There was a news story recently about a baby who was strapped in wrong and nobody said anything and it wasn't a happy ending. I would rather someone tell me so I can research it and make a decision. Sometimes people totally need to police their tone.

  6. People are CRAZY about car seats. It's extremely rare that I post a carseat photo due to fear of the careseat nazis

  7. Well. That's a positive outlook! Good on you! People are completely nuts. And if you can glean some REAL wisdom from all the nuttery, then good for you and good for the people who know how to give suggestions in a productive way.

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