Monday, February 29, 2016

Why You Should Watch Fuller House

Fuller House is on Netflix! Of course I knew I was going to watch. I loved Full house as a kid. I'm an only child and always wished for siblings. So watching the show gave me a taste on what having a sister would be like. I grew up with girls. I was closest to Stephanie's age and cracked up whenever she snapped, "How rude!" (She still says it on Fuller House!)

I had a viewing party with my kids. My daughter was the most excited, thrilled to see that Joey was still doing his Bullwinkle impression:

If you remember, when Natalie started Kindergarten, she was afraid she wouldn't have any friends. So I told her to talk like Bullwinkle if she got scared. Like Joey.

Oh, and if you don't have Netflix, you can get a free month subscription when you sign up.

Here are reasons why you need to watch Fuller House:

1. There's pure excitement when you see the familiar white house with "29 Years Later" scrawled on the bottom. Yes, you might feel old, but still. I got tingles. My daughter shouted out all the names whenever they'd appear on the screen with such a thrill that I had to smile. "UNCLE JESSE! AUNT BECKY! JOEY! DANNY! DJ! STEPHANIE! THE TWINS! JESSE STILL LIKES ELVIS! KIDS I DON'T KNOW! (DJ's Kids.) KIMMY IS STILL WALKING IN WITHOUT KNOCKING!"

2. It can get a teenager out of his room! Tommy appreciated Stephanie's outfits so he was actually happy. He wasn't sitting on the couch with a scowl for once. (Some parents have said they didn't appreciate Stephanie's outfits, but really, they're just boobs.)

3. There are amusing jokes. Tommy understood some of the ones geared towards adults. Uncle Jesse made a comment on how he "kept Aunt Becky up last night," and Tommy said under his breath, "I know what he meant," while Natalie was all, "Were they having a pillow fight?" (I said yes.)

4. You'll love that Comet the Dog is still around. Sort of. It's Comet Jr Jr now. And she's about to have puppies!

5. Seeing all your favorite characters from the original Full House will make you feel all warm and gooey inside. I might have teared up a few times. Aunt Becky? Looks fantastic. They all do, really. And Uncle Jesse sang FOREVER! I love that song.

6. Steve, DJ's old boyfriend, makes an appearance on the show. (Yes, Natalie shouted STEVE!)

7. The shout out to Michelle in the first episode is absolutely hilarious.

8. There are still hilarious antics going on. Remember the first episode when the men tried to change Michelle's diaper? Well, Stephanie's phone ends up in this diaper.

It's a show you can watch as a family. Well. If your husband doesn't mock Full House. My husband refused to watch because he says it's too cheesy and unrealistic. But if things aren't blowing up or people aren't running around with weapons, he's really not interested in watching. Also, some parents did not care for the sexual jokes (Karma Sutra is mentioned) and Stephanie's clothes. But as I wrote about in Why I Don't Regret Letting My Teenager See Deadpool, it's really what the maturity level of your kid is. And your choice as a parent.


I'll let my kids watch. Proudly. And tear up when split screens like this happen:

Welcome back, Tanner family.


  1. Love it! I watched the first 6 episodes and now I feel like I want to saver the That probably won't happen because how could I watch just 1 episode at a time.

  2. I'm also an only child. :)
    I haven't seen it yet. But the cast looks great! Has it really been 29 years??

  3. I am LOVING it too! I have only watched four episodes so far because I am trying to make it last forever! -but I know I'll be finished within a few more days. :( I really hope they continue this into another season.

  4. i haven't seen it yet--i know, i'm the only one! but i plan on it the next rainy day i get!

  5. Oh gosh, I don't know if I can. The original was such a classic. I don't want anything to ruin that for me haha!

  6. OMG I teared up more than once and then full on cried when they were listening to DJ on the baby monitor! I only watched the first episode because I know as soon as I start the second, I won't be able to stop. I'm so excited about how it turned out! My boyfriend, thankfully, also loves Full House. We cracked up at the Michelle dig. So funny!

  7. We started it on Friday and I felt so nostalgic! Honestly, I miss TV like this that just makes you feel good :)

  8. It was super cute. All of my boys liked it. I cracked up at "no wonder they don't need to act any more." when the family bought one of the twins' designer dresses.

  9. Thanks for the endorsement. My husband said he'll watch with us. We'll see how long he lasts... I took my older son to see In the Heights over the weekend and he didn't get most of the innuendos, so I'm not worried about that. He thinks adults only cuddle in bed. :)
    Steve got old! Nooooooo!!!! Jesse has aged better than Steve has. Unless that's just a bad picture of Steve? :P

    1. Haha, no you're right, Jesse looks much better.

  10. Okay I was wondering if we should watch it and my hubby was all like... NO WAY! lol Maybe I should just watch it during the day with the kids and it could be our little "thing" we do. He watches KungFu Panda with them and I watch Fuller House.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I've watched the first couple of episodes! We love Full House and still watch the reruns on Nick@Nite!

  12. I've watched the first couple of episodes! We love Full House and still watch the reruns on Nick@Nite!

  13. I posted on Instagram this weekend how the show made me all nostalgic. I seriously flashed backed to my childhood Fridays with my family. We watched a few episodes on Saturday and have decided to make our own TGIF with Fuller House.
    Everyone looks great!!
    :D Pillow fight.

  14. The split screen made me teary-eyed. So did everything.
    I cracked up with the Donald Trump joke and the Michelle one. And these people ageless. So much credit to Jesse and Rebecca, but even Gibbler. I mean.. she hasn't aged at all!

  15. I haven't watched this yet, but I will. Mostly because of John Stamos :)!

  16. Defo watching this as soon as I can sit my A$$ down...!

  17. I loved it! I actually finished it all on Saturday!

  18. I haven't completely finished it yet but my kids were also into it. I love that their last name is Fuller lol

  19. This is on my to do list to watch for sure! I'm impressed the your daughter was so knowledgeable! I don't know that I would even know all that now!


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