Monday, March 14, 2016

How To Throw A Simple Five Nights At Freddy's Party

My daughter loves Five Nights At Freddy's. For those who don't know, it's this creepy app where things pop up on the screen. I scare easily, so this is NOT a game for me. My daughter, however, loves it.

So she wanted to have a Five Nights At Freddy's birthday party.

Now. I am NOT crafty. But I still managed to put together a Five Nights At Freddy's party. Is it as fancy as some people might put together? Ha, no. But it made my daughter happy.

First, I ordered her a shirt and balloons from Etsy.

You can buy the balloons here and the shirt here.

Then I ordered some gift bags. From Etsy.

You can order the bags here.

I also ordered some pins from Etsy to put in the gift bag.

This was all that was included in the gift bags and you can by the pins here.

Basically? Go to Etsy. Some people might be all, "But stuff on Etsy is too expensive.." Well, then make it all. I cannot make stuff like the above. So I order from Etsy.

I ordered a Five Nights At Freddy's cake from my friend Jessica. She's a fellow military spouse who makes amazing cakes.

Then I needed a place to throw the party. I do not like hosting and did not want a bunch of children touching my belongings, so we booked a party at Elevation. Elevation is a trampoline park.

(The bear with the top hat is from the game. The others are not. Just friends of the creepy bear, named Freddy Fazbear. You can buy him on Amazon.)

Natalie had an amazing time. It was two hours of fun and I didn't have to clean up.

So. How to throw a Five Nights At Freddy's party? Go to Etsy. Book a venue.



  1. Ha this is awesome! I'm SO heading over to Etsy next time I have to host a kid party! I LOVE the cake!! How do people have patience for all this stuff?! Natalie looks like she had a wonderful Birthday :)

  2. Omg you're such a cool mom!! Come throw me a Captain America party. I need Chris Evans to attend kthanks...haha.

  3. what the effffff? ppl want to be scared, on purpose? i'm out! i couldn't handle that app either, lol. she is so delighted in those pics and yay for no clean up.

  4. You did a great job! I always love the way to you throw things together! I still have no idea what Five Nights At Freddy's is though and I am kind of happy about that, lol.

  5. She looks thrilled to bits! Score one for mom! I need to check out Etsy- I really don't get on there.

    1. Forgot to add, I pinned your graphic :-)

  6. I had never heard of this until I saw your photos. So cool and you did a GREAT job. Your kid is one of a kind!

  7. Looks like she had an awesome time! A trampoline park is a total win, and that cake is fabulous :)

  8. Great party idea, and your daughter looks so happy! I've never heard of this app, but I'm sure I wouldn't like being surprised either!

  9. HAHA You and me both...! I would have done the same thing! Glad Natalie had a good time!!!

  10. That looks like my kinda party planning. I was so relieved to read your friend made the cake, having read "I am not crafty" and then seeing that cake I was like "you're a lot more crafty than me Mrs!" :D

  11. That looks so fun! Although that games scares me too much I don't think I could have a party themed after it haha!


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