Thursday, April 21, 2016

If Buying Something Online, READ The Description

We're moving next month.

So I've been listing items for sale on local Facebook pages.

I recently listed Natalie's kitchen:

This was hard, because Natalie has had the kitchen since she was one. As I washed it, I thought about all her moments with the kitchen, and I teared up. But I knew we couldn't keep it. We have too much stuff.

I listed it for $20. A bargain, really. I also stated that the kitchen was ON BASE pickup only. I don't like delivering items off base because people either will A) not show up or B) say "they're running late" when it's time to pick up. And I don't have time for that nonsense.

Basically? If someone wanted the kitchen, they needed to come to me to pick it up. I was only listing it for $20--I didn't need the money desperately. If I didn't get a buyer, I'd bring it to Once Upon A Child where they'd most likely put it out for $40. So no skin off my back.

Naturally the first person who posted said "Want!" and I reminded her I was on base and she went, "Oh, I'm off base."

I mean.

Did she not READ the description?

Then the next person was like, "I'm off base and would you take $15?"

Lady. No I will not. And I said ON BASE ONLY!

I can understand if they started with "I know you said on base only, but would you consider..." and I'd still say no, but I'd be less irritated.

I shouldn't be surprised though. Every time I've listed items online, I always get people who don't bother to read the description. Always. And I can bet THOSE are the people who don't show up when it's time to meet.

In the end it worked out though. The mom of one of Natalie's friends asked if she could pick it up. And yes, she's on base!

So the kitchen is gone now. I miss it. I stared at the gap where it stood for a bit. Tom came over and I thought he might reminisce with me but instead he went, "It looks SO much better in here now."

I won't be listing anything else. I don't have the patience. We still don't know where we're living when we move, so I'm stressed enough as it is. Everything else is going to Goodwill or Once Upon A Child.

Moral of the story? If you buy stuff online, read the description. Don't be exasperating.



  1. I haaaate that. I'm not going out of my way to sell things. If you want it, come get it.

  2. that sounds like every blog post i write!! in the comments i'll get asked a question that is totally answered had they just read the dang thing.
    and men!! i get it! i would have totally reminisced with you.

  3. Omg I know. I went through this and finally said forget it! People on Craigslist are horrible!!

  4. I thought you were going to say that someone thought it was a real kitchen or something!

  5. Oh my goodness...Tom's comment! Men are clueless! You just need to buy some more American Girl stuff to fill the void, once you're settled in to your new place!

  6. I don't list stuff in our local resale group for this exact reason. I can't with people.

  7. I did that on eBay once, when I was a new buyer, didn't see it said pickup only and bid and won the item. It was cheap so I paid for it and emailed the person that I was sorry and to keep the money so they could relist. They didn't give me bad feedback so I guess that was OK?

  8. Oh my gosh, YES! Yes to ALL of this! Ugh. I sell digital items on Etsy - so prints and whatnot that people purchase for a steep discount because they have to print them on their own... it is listed in my shop announcement, in the title of each listing, and in the description of each listing... yet I still get SO MANY PEOPLE emailing me after they purchased asking for a refund because they didn't know it was digital. Not my problem, people. Learn to read. I would personally NEVER spend money on something if I was unsure of what I was getting... but maybe that's just me.

  9. Ugh yes!!!! I seriously love this post.

  10. Good moral of the story! People often just skim.
    I'm glad it worked out with the kitchen.

  11. So true, and so annoying. I gave up on selling things online because people bother me too much :)!

  12. This is exactly why I haven't sold anything on Facebook. Do you have base specific pages, or is it just the area in general? I find that we have a lot of non-military on the military pages, which gets annoying when I want to buy, but don't want to go off base.

  13. I gave up on a lot of those Facebook sale sites because of things like this. People list brand new thing for $100 and some idiot comes along and says"Will you take $25?" Ummm...NO! If I wanted $25, I would have listed it for $25! At least wait til the listing has been there for a week before trying to bargain!

  14. I hate that crap. I have a consignment store near my house I take my good stuff to, and the rest goes to goodwill. This is the same reason I never have yard sales.

  15. I love this post! seriously people read the description! I posted some stuff the other day that said "baby boy clothing NB-18mo" as t he title. The first person asks "any 2T?" no ass hat read the title! I also put in there that if you picked up over 75$ I'd meet on post. the first person wants 2 items ($4) and asks where we can meet. when I said my house, she got offended. um READ idiot. wow I hate people sometimes.


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