Thursday, May 5, 2016

Things That Will Happen If You Get Stationed In Oklahoma

We've been in Oklahoma for nearly five years now and I will miss parts of it. My husband was stationed at Tinker AFB which is close to Oklahoma City. We enjoyed the base--it was easy to get around, and we liked our home. (We were in Twining Fields on Chennault.) If you get stationed in Oklahoma, here's some things you might experience:

--If there's the slightest chance of a tornado, you'll have family members who live in other states asking if you're okay every couple hours.

--Some family members automatically think a tornado watch means you're all going to die.

--No one will use their turn signals on the roads.

--Sometimes you'll experience a bunch of different seasons in one day! To the east there will be a blizzard. To the west a tornado warning. Central has a winter watch. South is hot.

--If you tell your family members that you're out looking at a tornado when the sirens are going off, they think you're all going to die.

--Residents like their sports teams. You hear "thunder up" a lot. Don't joke and say, "Thunder down." It offends everyone.

--You'll discover what Bedlam means. I thought it was perhaps a fancy bed. No, it's the rivalry between OSU and OU. Do you bleed orange? Or red? I say red because I like red over orange. Sports bore me.

--You'll see Braums everywhere. It's an food/ice cream place. Honestly, we weren't impressed. But I guess most of Oklahoma is, because there seems to be one down every street.

--The Oklahoma song is true. "The wind comes sweeping down the plain?" Um. Yes. There will be 50 MPH winds some days so don't bother doing your hair and don't pull a Britney Spears and forget your underwear if you're in a dress.

Oklahoma wasn't a bad state to live in. We were in a good area and didn't experience too many tornados. And when we did, well, my husband was outside looking for it. Or he was deployed and I was with the kids hiding in the shelter.

I hope you enjoy Oklahoma!


  1. It's like that with us in Kansas. Tornadoes are usually to our south or west, but if there's a tornado in Kansas, the family freaks out.

  2. I have never been and you're the only person I know who lives there (at least you did) so I do always think of you when I hear about severe weather out there!

  3. Haha love this. So true for most of Kansas too. I always loved your posts since it reminds me so much of home!

  4. I've never been there before! Man I'm excited for you about San Antonio tho. That place is so fun. The kids are going to love it!

  5. I LIVE in tornado alley...Harvest, AL. Every time there is a tornado here, EVERYONE thinks I'm going to die. And BTW, before we moved to Alabama, we lived in OKC. My mom worked at Braums! I don't remember it really because we moved here when I was 4.

  6. We're in between DFW & Oklahoma and get those tornado warnings/watches all the time, too. And, you're right family and friends from all over start calling to check on us. I'm not a big Braums fan either, but everyone in my house is & it's one of the few "restaurants" we have in our town. The good news for you is I don't think there's one south of Hillsboro. San Antonio is the land of Whataburger & Taco Cabana! Much better, in my opinion!!

  7. Oklahoma does have strange weather :)

  8. Bahaha love your sense of humor!! I'm not sure I'll ever make it to Oklahoma, but I'll keep this in mind!!

  9. I love this! We were stationed at Tinker for 4 years (we moved away about 3 years ago) and we mostly hated it! But everything you said it all true. We also lived on base in the old neighborhood, Vandenburg Hills, that they have since knocked down. I would also add that there are a lot of big random dentists in Oklahoma... Gentle Dental, Dental Depot, My Dentist... etc. Before OK I was used to just small dentist offices that were just named after the actual dentist! I SO do not miss the wind or the tornadoes! I see that you're moving soon, but please promise me you've been to, or will go to Cool Greens! It's a yummy little restaurant/cafe that has delicious salads, wraps, sandwiches and frozen yogurt. It's probably the only thing (besides friends that we made) that we miss from Oklahoma!


    1. No, we never did see a Cool Greens. I know the housing you're speaking about! We were in Twining Fields.

  10. I lived in Kansas, and can relate to a lot of this. I never ate Braum's regular food menu. I only went there for an M&M chocolate mix. I still crave it today.


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