Friday, June 3, 2016

What I've Learned Being In A Hotel For A Month

Being stuck in a hotel for a month is not easy. We had to do it because we're waiting for our house. We should be closing today so we can get out of the hotel!

Here's what I've learned:

--One bathroom is not enough. Tom would want to take his long poop breaks and it's all, dude, you can't right now. He'd say, "Then go downstairs if you have to go," and I'd remind him that I popped out TWO human beings and my bladder didn't work like that anymore.

--I'm apparently the only one who can explain to housekeeping what we need. I'd tell everyone what we needed so if they came when I was reading or elsewhere, they could tell them. But every time they'd ask me, "What did we need again?"

--The cooktops take forever to get the water boiling.

--If a cat poops, your entire space will smell of it.

--People are rude. Check out my how to not be an asshole while staying in a hotel post.

--I need my personal space. As an only child, if I don't get it, I tend to go into meltdown mode. People being around me ALL THE TIME was tough.

--The Internet seemed to run super slow every afternoon--you could opt to pay $4.95 for faster Internet--PER DAY--but no thanks.

--You figure out that a ironing board can serve as a table:

--You begin to miss your belongings, big time.

--If you have a Fitbit, you probably won't be getting 10,000 steps in since the space is so small. But maybe I'm just lazy. I did go to the hotel gym, but I only stayed on the elliptical for 25 minutes because I felt like I was going to die. I suppose I could have walked around the hotel, but as I said, I was lazy. I was averaging only 5000 steps.

--The cats liked to walk across my face when I was trying to sleep. It's not fun to wake up to a paw near your nostril.

Have you ever been in a hotel for a long period of time?


  1. When I was 10, my Dad's company moved our family, only the house wouldn't be ready for 9 weeks, so the company's plan was to put us in a couple hotel rooms (5 kids at the time)--my parents opted to borrow my grandparents' motorhome and had us all live in the motorhome in a local campground for nine weeks instead, because then at least we had the outdoors to run around in! It was a very memorable summer!
    Angel and I lived in a Chinese hotel for a month while we were training for our jobs in China. There was no way to cook except an electric pot for hot water so we mostly lived on oatmeal and washed our laundry in the bathroom sink. It was actually really fun, but then again, there were just the two of us. Kids would make it a whole different ball game.

  2. Omg yes. Being an old child you do need space!! I feel you so much on this. I have my own room in our house lol. I don't sleep in there but it's MINE!! Haha

  3. Yes to all of these!!! It really is amazing how long those cooktops take to get hot. That was my main complaint when we lived in a hotel lol.

  4. Too funny! We were just there for a week and that was enough for

  5. One night is long enough for me. Oye.

  6. Yes, and it is life changing for sure. It made me appreciate a stable ho.e much more.

  7. From one only child to another...I hear ya! I feel like I need an escape after just a week in a hotel for a vacation. The good news is, it'll make getting into your house so much sweeter.

  8. My hubby and I lived in a hotel for 2 months while he was job training out of town. I spent my days using the ironing board for a desk for the laptop. LoL It was easy to situate in front of the chair facing the tv. We got lucky with a hotel near a big shopping center which I used for a walking track every day. It was awesome when we got to go home!

    1. Nice! I'd have just walked and gone shopping too.

  9. haha, maybe Tom needs to use the fancy lobby bathroom. Or not-fancy lobby bathroom. Most hotels have one!
    Cat poop is highly invasive in a small room. It looks like your cats are taking it all in stride, bless their hearts.

  10. I'm an only child too and I TOTALLY get the personal space thing. I'M not in an actual hotel, but I'm currently sharing my home with a mom and her two kids who lost their housing along with me and my two kids (that's three boys and a seventeen year old girl who thinks she knows everything if you're keeping track) plus my elderly mom who has Alzheimer's. And four cats and a wiener dog with a peculiar fascination with lights of any kind. And even though it's a five bedroom house and my mom has her own little area, it's still. not. enough!!

  11. I know exactly how you feel!! After living in our hotel for a month I thought, I'm not sure about the Tiny House craze, although to be honest (currently 9 months removed from hotel life) I am SLIGHTLY intrigued.
    Thankfully, our hotel had two bathrooms. Your curtains look familiar, so I think we stayed at the same hotel. ;)
    Congrats on your new house!!

  12. Thank god its been ages since I've had to spend that much time in a hotel...! I'm glad you survived!!!

  13. We've done a month in the hotel a couple times... it's rough!

  14. I don't know how you survived so long. I couldn't do it. Ugh. Nearly two weeks was enough to push me over the edge!


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