Friday, July 29, 2016

Check Out the Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo

During the summer we try to come up with different things to do. Not all the time, mind you. I did write a post on how I'm not entertaining the kids during summer break. But we do like to check local places out. We decided to check out the Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo.

If the name sounds familiar it might be because it was featured on Dirty Jobs.

Obviously, as the name implies, there are snakes:

But there are also other animals.

This is me when I've eaten too many carbs:

This is me when my kids talk about Minecraft:

There's also a petting zoo. You can buy some feed when you pay for your tickets. A llama named Hans greets you:

I'm kidding. He's not always there. And his name isn't Hans. I have no idea what his name is. Or maybe it's a girl. But it looked like a boy named Hans.

Hans wants some of your food:

There are also goats. And pigs.

The goats will start surrounding fairly quickly. Some goats are rude and will try to take the bag. Other goats will bump against you like, "Hello? Feed me! Now!" Sort of like the plant on Little Shop Of Horrors.

They are persistent:

You'd think Natalie's favorite part would be the goats, but no. She loved the chicks that were running around.

There are also various shows throughout the day. We stayed for the one about snakes:

And yes, you CAN touch the snake. Natalie rushed right on up:

She's always loved snakes though. When she was 6, her school had a petting zoo come to the school and she happily wore a snake:

She's always loved animals. ALL animals. So she had a fantastic time.

If you go to the snake farm want want to check out a delicious place to eat, go to Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ. It's pretty close and has amazing brisket:

Do you like snakes?


  1. Oh that looks like the Britney Spears Slave 4 U snake! Lol.
    Military Husband can't with snakes. I'm like but why?? Hahaha

  2. I don't mind snakes, my Dad was always terrified of them and we use to torment him haha.

  3. I do not like snakes, but that llama looks friendly :)

  4. Snakes!!! That picture of your baby and a snake, wowza!! My kids and I are such snake wimps!Glad you had fun.

  5. Brisket!
    I'm more like Indiana Jones than Natalie - "Anything but snakes!" Although I'm not phobic of them, just respectively cautious!

  6. You were about 5 minutes from my house. And when you went to Coopers you drove right by me. :)

    1. And yes, I've been absent from blogging for about 3 years (or more) but I still keep up and for some reason decided to reappear on your blog with this post. Ha.

  7. Holy cow that pig!! Haha it's huge!! I went to the zoo this weekend too, always a fun day!! :)

  8. Ooh fun! I do love snakes - they're quite fascinating! Love how Natalie is quite the fearless girl! She rocks!! And I think Hans is a lovely name, suits him (or her) well!!

  9. I'd never get Morticia to anyplace with the word snake in the title.

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