Friday, August 26, 2016

Reasons Why My Teenager's Room Stinks

Ah, teenagers. They can be a joy. Or they can be...frightening. What's with all the eye rolls? Why do they get offended if you ask about their day?

Why does their room smell weird?

Well, I have some ideas.

1. Maybe it's the pile of dirty clothes in the corner of the room. I tell my son to put them in the hamper, and he eventually will...when he runs out of underwear.

2. Ick, is that an old banana? An orange? I can't even tell anymore.

3. The sheets, perhaps? They should probably be washed. I'm not putting my nose against them to check though. I don't want to pass out.

4. When was the last time he washed his hair?

5. Wow, that's a thick layer of dust.

6. All the burping and farting that goes on in there doesn't help...

Bottom line? He needs to clean his room more often. He slacks on that part and doesn't mind living in filth. He claims his room "smells great." Meanwhile, I'm tempted to walk in with a pomander ball against my nose like they did in Henry VIII's time because of all the stank.

So if you have a teenager, does their room stink? Or do you have one of those neat teenagers? If you don't have teenagers, how was your room at that age? Mine was pretty messy, I won't lie. So I guess I'm being a hypocrite. But I swear, it didn't smell that bad...


  1. Oh god! This sounds awful.
    Oh and girl, yes they stunk back then! Versailles was the worst. My history prof said the Asian traders regarding Europeans as whatever their slang word was for sh*t due to their lovely smell!! Lol

  2. I have a teenager, her room doesn't stink. Well, I take that back... when my dog is in there it stinks. He likes to bask in the girls' room on their little rug. When the sun begins to beam on his little funky bones the aroma rises to the air. The girls do not smell him, but I do. But then again, I have I a "super sniffer".

  3. same annoyance with my son's room :(

  4. My eldest daughter's room was disgusting, when she left home I wish I'd had a hazmat suit when I cleared through the remains of her bedroom. My youngest is untidy but her room is no way as bad.

    When I was a teenager my room was disgusting. Don't know how I lived in such filth.

  5. 15 year old son here and his room stinks so bad. It was worse when the dogs would sleep in there. It doesn't help either when he comes home from football practice and sits in his computer chair.....I have to fabreeze the crap out of his room somedays.

    1. Eek! Yes, I use Febreeze a lot in his room.

  6. Every teenage boy's room stinks! And how they don't smell it, I'll never know.

  7. Haha the 2nd one has me cracking up!

  8. LOL. I remember the teenagers I grew up with always had smelly cars. So I can imagine a smelly room!

  9. Ugh, I can't imagine. The kids' room doesn't stink yet but did once when Athena peed in there!

  10. Ahahah this is hilarious!! Thank god I don't have to deal with smelly rooms!! Hehe


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