Sunday, October 2, 2005

Hooray for High Speed

You guys?

Guess what?



You have no idea how long I've been stuck with dial up. Having to wait forever for pages to load. Drumming my fingernails along the computer desk while I waited impatiently for a website to finish downloading. I couldn't even look at all your pictures. I admit, usually I'd let two load and them comment on them. I just couldn't sit and wait forever.

But now..

Now I can let pages load. I just tested various entries with pictures and in less than 10 seconds I saw them all. ALL THE PICTURES. Without getting impatient. I blinked and they were there.


I just sent Jennifer a bunch of photos that would have taken, oh, ten minutes to send. It took TWO minutes. If that.

I just want to..

Hold on..

I just started dancing with Tom. He went, "Hey what gives? What are you doing?" and I said, "I'm dancing. Dancing for high speed."

Of course it wasn't easy to get high speed. Electronics and our family just don't mix. Something either won't work right, it breaks within a few months or it just plain won't work. So I admit I was worried about the whole high speed process. The guy came this afternoon and set it up. Then he said it was ready to go. We set up the router and..

It didn't work.

They were looking for a specific sign in name and I had no idea what it was. Turns out I had to wait for the ISP to e-mail it to me. So I waited and finally it was there. It still didn't work.

And then finally it worked. My fingers itched to try it out but Tom plopped his butt in the computer chair and went, "Alright. I get to try my game."


I suppose he did set most of it up. I was confused. I looked at the router instructions and it looked like Russian to me. Or some other foreign language. I felt like I was in high school French, confused as all Hell while the teacher rambled on and the students around me nodded with smiles because they understood perfectly. While I was thinking, "What is this old bag talking about now?" Because she was old. And cranky.

Tom would say, "You do this and this and this," and I'd blink and go, "HUH?" Like Bree did to Rex when he told her he liked S&M.

He shouted at me. Tom and I cannot build things together. He gets cranky. I cry. He gets cranky some more. I cry some more. It's not pretty.

He got on for a few hours. Then he finally got off. I was practically salivating. He went, "Want the--"

And I was already in the chair before he finished the sentence.

I love high speed!


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