Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sickie McSickerson

Am sick.

Cannot breathe.

Just had a brownie but tasted like nothing. Want taste back.

Feel tired but want to watch Grey's Anatomy.

(Knows I have TV addiction problems.)

Am trying not to notice mess in kitchen. Sink overfilling with dishes. Does husband not see?

If husband tries to have sex tonight will scream. Or cough. Or sneeze. Am in no mood for nookie.

(Maybe nookie wouldn't be so bad. But will probably sneeze and ruin mood. Nothing says I love you like phlem on the cheek.)

Have to wake up at crack of dawn to send Tommy off to school. Asked husband to do it. Husband looked at me like I asked him to walk down the street stark naked. Claimed he didn't know what to do. Told husband to dress Tommy and feed him breakfast. Husband again gave strange look like I just developed DD breasts.

Must lay down now. Room spinning.

Need Nyquil. The pill form. Liquid makes me gag.

Will write better entry tomorrow.


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