Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Here's a reason why I know I'm not in America. This note was left in the garbage bins:

"Would you please ensure that your refuse is presented at the curtilage of your property by 7 AM. Thank you."

I mean REFUSE?


In America they would have said, "Put your crap out onto the curb by 7 or else it won't be picked up and then it'll start to smell and then you'll be kicked out of the neighborhood and mocked."

Or something not-so-polite.



I can't get over that.


  1. Amber, I've been sitting hear reading your posts since the first. Somewhat confused: you speak of Jennifer but who is Jennifer. You mention you are in England. Whoops! Must have missed the bus. I thought you were in Texas as Tom is.
    I really get a kick out of your blog. You ARE a good writer. Wish you'd help me out here with my confusion. I may have missed a post; I don't know. Its confusing trying to get to archives.

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Thanks for the comment!

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